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Wastewater Solids Incineration Systems, MOP 30


Incineration is a reliable and cost-effective method of solids handling because the potential for energy recovery and reduction in volume and weight greatly reduces treatment and disposal costs. This newest Manual of Practice is essential to designing and operating the most up-to-date facilities for solids incineration. This comprehensive manual offers you expert incineration guidance for biosolids and wastewater applications, covering current practice and environmentally friendly choices. The book fully explains the safety, permitting, design, operations, and maintenance of the incineration process. Filled with case studies and sample combustion calculations, this hands-on resource presents updated information on combustion theory and technology, heat recovery and reuse, emission control and monitoring, ash handling and recycling, regulation and permitting requirements, economics and environmental sustainability of combustion, and more.

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Jan. 2010

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