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Wastewater Treatment Plant Design


Edited by Dr. P. Aarne Vesilind and co-published by the Water Environment Federation and IWA Publishing, Wastewater Treatment Plant Design represents a clear step forward in design. It is based on the Water Environment Federation's MOP 8 - Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants, which is the industry standard for wastewater treatment design. This new edition incorporates the latest design concepts and is written from both a theoretical and practical basis. Whether you are a consultant or a utility engineer, Wastewater Treatment Plant Design will 'walk' you through the design process using practical examples, and providing you an education rather than training. Real-life design experience and contemporary theory combine to bring you a deeper understanding of the design process. Hard cover. 512 pages.

Also available in a Textbook version for university classroom use. This set includes the Wastewater Treatment Plant Design book, as well as a student workbook highlighti

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