11Oktomvri - Eurokompozit

11Oktomvri - Eurokompozit

11Oktomvri - Eurokompozit

The company was established in 1952 as a factory for mica exploitation as well as production of electro-insulating materials (following the industrial development of the country, a need had appeared to expand the scope of production of the company including the reconstruction of its production facilities as well as organizational changes). Therefore in 1971 the company had become a constituent part of Energoinvest-Sarajevo/Former Yugoslavia and the company name was changed to Energoinvest-11 Oktomvri. Based on the decision of the Government Committee of R. of Macedonia, in 1978 company Energoinvest-11 Oktomvri was announced as a company of great importance for the national defense of the country with its primary activity production of special purpose products, that is military and police equipment and secondary activity production of thermo reactive press mass(es).

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Aleksandar Makedonski 2/42 , Prilep , 7500 Macedonia
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Workplace Safety
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Internationally (various countries)

The head office of 11 Oktomvri-Eurokompozit company is located in the city of Plirep / R. of Macedonia, 120km south of the capital of Macedonia-Skopje.

Since July 3rd., 1991 the company has been transformed into holding company Euroinvest - 11 Oktomvri with 1800 employees. One of them was 11 Oktomvri-Eurokompozit later transformed into joint-stock company with 100% state ownership.

Today, 11Oktomvri - Eurokompozit is under the management of the Board of Directors, with total number of 308 employees.

11Oktomvri - Eurokompozit has business contacts with a lot of companies in West European countries.

Our previous experience, high-quality technology and highly - educated personnel are the guarantee for the quality of our production.

Our products are made of the most advanced composite materials (reinforced plastic) with excellent performances and low mass. The advantage of such characteristics is not necessarily to be mentioned such: the low specific weight and mass that enables tactical and operational mobility, security in movement and minimum fatigue which results in efficiency in fulfillment of given tasks with minimum effort.

Production program is divided into two main branches:

1. Military and law enforcement equipment:

  • Ballistic protection equipment intended for personal ballistic protection, such as: ballistic helmet, ballistic vest, ballistic plate, ballistic shield and other similar equipment.
  • Military equipment such as: hand-held rocket launchers made of lightweight advanced composite materials with an excellent penetration possibility and low mass. This type of equipment is available in various calibers such as: 64mm, 90mm and 120mm.

2. Civil trade oriented products: Wound composites products - tubes and cylinder, which the are used as electro insulation material in Tap Changers and High voltage Transformers, Molding compounds, Composite dry sliding bearings, Products for Railway, Multipurpose safety helmets etc.

The high-quality technology involved in our production process including the unconventional method of cutting by water - abrasive jet, as well as the use of CNS machines enable us to turn the idea into a final product.

All production stages are completely controlled, from the arrival of the materials, inter phase and the final control process in our highly-equipped laboratories for chemical, mechanical and ballistic testing.

In 1996 our company was ISO 9001 certified by the Austrian company OQS.

The function, efficiency and quality of our products have been completely proved in the late conflict situations in Macedonia, saving a lot of lives and can be successfully used in peacekeeping missions as well.