24M Technologies, Inc.

24M Technologies, Inc.

Developer of advanced lithium ion and flow battery designs for grid-scale and EV applications. 24M solves the grand challenge of energy storage with the invention of the semisolid lithium-ion battery, a revolutionary technology for the architects of our energy future. By upending the design of the battery cell, as well as how the batteries are made, the company solves the critical, decades-old challenge associated with the world’s preferred form of energy storage: reducing its high cost while maintaining its strengths. Founded and led by some of the battery industry’s foremost inventors, scientists and entrepreneurs, 24M is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just blocks away from MIT in the heart of a dynamic innovation ecosystem.

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130 Brookline Street , Cambridge , Massachusetts 02139 USA

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The simple truth is that lithium-ion batteries are made the wrong way. The process is cumbersome. It’s wasteful. It’s woefully inefficient. 24M’s novel manufacturing process strips out the waste, speeds production and reduces the overall footprint to slash today’s lithium-ion battery costs by 50% and accelerate its adoption. We call it semisolid lithium-ion. A better process. A better battery. A better energy future.