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2B Technologies

2B Technologies is dedicated to the development and commercialization of new analytical instruments for atmospheric and environmental measurements. We specialize in miniaturized instruments for measurements of ozone (O3), nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), mercury (Hg; under development), and other chemical species in air. The POM represents another advance in miniaturization and portability. Our small, lightweight, low-power instruments are now used for atmospheric measurements using balloons, kites, UAVs, research aircraft, and at many remote sites, including Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, the Greenland ice sheet, the summit of Mont Blanc, the Amazon rain forest, on buoys in the Arctic Ocean, on commercial airliners, in many U.S. National Parks and at numerous other locations throughout the world.

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2100 Central Avenue Suite 105 , Boulder , Colorado 80301 USA
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Air Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

The photo to the right shows our Model 202 Ozone Monitor and our Personal Ozone Monitor (POM) sitting atop a conventional ozone monitor.  Our Model 202 was originally developed out of the need for the University of Colorado research group of co-founder Dr. John Birks to make vertical profiling measurements of ozone on kites and balloons where measurements using conventional ozone monitors are impossible.

More than 1,800 of our Model 202 and Model 205 Ozone Monitors, over 150 POMs, and more than 4,900 total instruments have been sold since the year 2000, with about half of our instruments going to researchers outside the U.S. More than 600 scientific papers have been published that cite use of 2B Tech instruments, and those papers have been cited more than 10,000 times by other researchers.

In 2009, 2B Technologies launched the Global Ozone Project for middle and high school students. In the 'GO3 Project,' students at schools around the world measure ozone and meteorological parameters outside their schools and continuously upload their data to an overlay in Google Earth. In this project, students are creating the world's first global ozone monitoring network. The GO3 Project is administered by the GO3 Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, which raises funds for sponsorship of schools from individuals, small businesses, large corporations and government agencies. Currently, more than 100 schools are supported by the GO3 Foundation. 2B Technologies donates time, including a full-time Outreach Coordinator, a part-time Director of Educational Outreach, use of facilities, and financial support to the GO3 Foundation. The GO3 Project provides a free, downloadable curriculum on air pollution and climate change to all teachers. On the GO3 Social Network, similar to Facebook, students discuss their data, interact with their international 'sister schools' and discuss ideas for improving the environment.

InDevR (Instrument Development and Research) acquired 2B Technologies in July 2005.  InDevR, which is co-located with 2B Tech in Boulder, Colorado, is carrying out R&D for bioanalytical instruments based on new technologies for rapid identification and quantification of biological agents such as nucleic acids, proteins, bacteria and viruses.  InDevR was co-founded by Dr. Kathy Rowlen, Dr. Laura Kuck and Dr. John Birks.  2B Tech staff have contributed significantly to the development of InDevR products, especially the Virus Counter®, which was launched as InDevR's first product in 2010 and is now marketed by ViroCyt, a spin-off of InDevR. Other products of InDevR include miPLEX™, Videa™, VaxArray™ and Cypher One™.

We thank all of our customers who have helped us be successful to date and pledge to continue to work to improve the quality of our products and services.  As part of our Quality Management System, we are constantly seeking feedback from our customers and we act on that feedback.