Biopla Company

Biopla Company

Ningbo Global Biomaterials Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of bio-based materials. Relying on the PLA in the field of technology, national standard plastic biodegradable material guidance of the Working Group, the company has produced close to the cost of an ordinary plastic high temperature resistant polylactic acid material and products, and in accordance with the North American ASTM6400-99 EU EN13432 regulatory standards. The company is committed to the improvement and improvement of PLA industrialization technology, and develops PLA manufacturing technology with independent research and development to promote the rapid development of PLA polylactic acid application field in China.

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186 Chemical Industrial Park huiyuan road , ningbo , 315203 China

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)

Biopla polylactic acid material advantages
The material is natural, non-toxic and highly breathable. PLA products are approved by the US FDA and can be directly in contact with food.
No waste treatment (such as incineration, burial, recycling, composting) will have any impact on the environment.

It can replace the traditional plastic materials based on petroleum and have the physical properties of similar traditional plastic products. The same.

After disposal, the composting environment and landfill treatment can be completely decomposed by microorganisms 100%.

Biopla Product Certificate:

  • Ok compost No. S228
  • Oeko-Tex No.12735
  • GreenPLA No.1028
  • ASTM License No. 7W0116
  • EN13432 License No. 7P0289