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2ZK - Tuzetka SA

Tuzetka (2ZK) supplies equipment and know how to process large quantities of biomass such as wood, agro waste and herbaceous biofuels. After processing, the biomass is sold for various bio-based purposes: energy, biopolymers, animal bedding, etc. The production can be exported or used locally. Tuzetka provides communities and local district authorities with the logistics and technical infrastructure to move away from the use of fossil fuels for their energy needs, initially concentrating on communal district heating i.e. by implementing a “biomass trade centre”. Tuzetka is targeting to agglomerate, process and distribute large quantities of already available biomass from wood and agro waste to customers such as utilities, district heating operators, building material producers and CHP operators.

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Avenue Reine Astrid 6 , Nivelles , B-1400 Belgium

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Internationally (various countries)


European policy is heading towards more and more use of fuels for industrial processes, electricity generation and transport, derived from sustainable resources. In our view, this process is irreversible for two main and obvious reasons:

1.climate change

2.European security of renewable energy supply among others the solid biomass

Energy intensive industries such as cement and lime producers, chemical plants and electricity generators are increasingly curtailed in their CO2 output through the European cap on CO2 emissions especially from 2012.

With the German nuclear shutdown followed by others moratorium on nuclear power plants in Europe or Asia , this will lead to an increased need for sustainable solid biofuels from such industry players.

Therefore, our main goal is to screen, scout and operate large biomass sourcing zone in Europe.

Our goal is to supply fuels derived from biomass produced from soil not fit for food-crop production to these industries.

Later, the same goals will be developed in Africa, America, Asia.


Western, Central, Eastern European countries have an increased need for renewable energy resources. Their economies face a challenging future with a strong forecasted growth of their economies while the energy infrastructure is obsolete. For instance:

1.90% of electricity in Poland is produced from coal, the co-firing is already in place; from 2015, wood will no more be recognized as a renewable energy for the co-firing (no right to get the favorable feed in tariff), therefore the utilities companies will need to source and increasingly amount of agro-biomass (agro residues or energy crops)

2.Slovakia is decommissioning their VVER nuclear power plants ( 6,000 MWe ) this will lead progressively to a higher demand from solid biomass.

3.Bulgaria has shut down 4 nuclear power plants ( 1,700 MWe ) while another 2,000 MWe awaits decommissioning.

4.In April 2011 UK has launched its heating incentive scheme which will support the heat produced from renewable energy source; biomass and hydropower are the sole storable renewable energy

These new policies are for the time being highly incentivised by the local government making the biomass industry and sales safer.

Western, Central, Eastern European countries have also a large untapped potential of wood waste or agro waste. Moreover millions of hectares are still unused (abandoned or marginal lands). Nevertheless, it’s necessary to organise the supply chain from the fields, forest to the boilers.

Tuzetka has organised and is intending to continue to organise the logistic and technical infrastructures to gather, to dry and to densify the local biomass in Central and Eastern Europe with a expected supply capacity exceeding 500.000 T biomass in 2014.

These local organisations are reviewed under the “Biomass Trade Center”.


Having secured the renewable fuel, we are intending in three to four years to initiate and contribute to cleantech projects like district heating, biogas station,…

Tuzetka will provide state-of-the-art boilers for heating and co-generation (ORC based). The community supply themselves with locally raised biomass and Tuzetka will supply the balance.

Tuzetka provides necessary project management capabilities to ensure the success of these partnerships as well as the know how to put the plans into actions.

If you feel a co-operation with Tuzetka would be beneficial to your community or industry, please, feel free to submit your project or proposal to info@2zk.eu

Tuzetka has been created by a group of entrepreneurs with strong roots in Renewable Energy,

Together, they combine the skills needed to put Tuzetka’s objectives into practice.