3E Company`s comprehensive suite of data products and information services enable improved compliance with global Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) requirements related to the safe manufacturing, distribution, transportation, usage and disposal of chemicals and hazardous products. This full chemical lifecycle approach enables in-house EH&S staff to reduce cost, risk and liability while improving process. Whether you are a manufacturer or distributor; or a company whose employees handle hazardous materials, 3E can tailor a program specific to the EH&S compliance information and management needs of your organization.

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Service provider
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Health and Safety - Hazardous Substances
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our Purpose

'To help companies intelligently manage global regulatory compliance and product stewardship risk, and serve as the premier guardian of the environment, workplace and people.'

Our Vision

'3E Company aims to serve companies around the globe by collaborating with them to develop strategies for intelligent compliance. We envision a safer world guided by seamless access to relevant and unique data that is value-added by leading subject matter experts and actionable via powerful analytical tools.'

About the Company

3E Company, a Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq: VRSK) business, provides data and information services which enable companies to improve compliance with Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) regulations and supply chain obligations through the entire lifecycle of chemicals and products. 

We are experts at obtaining and managing content, offering unique insights that enable customers to reduce cost and risk while improving processes.

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or corporate user of chemical products, 3E can tailor a program specific to the compliance information and management needs of your organization that provides benefits to the entire enterprise and throughout the supply chain.

At 3E Company, we understand the business and the burden of regulatory information and compliance management. Our unwavering vision and commitment to our role as your global strategic partner is evidenced by our long-standing customer relationships and high renewal and retention rates. 3E is dedicated to providing our customers with:

  • The world's premier content as a platform for EH&S compliance management

  • Better business processes through consolidation of fragmented data flows

  • The trusted source for definitive, objective and accurate EH&S data

  • A catalyst for positive change and innovation

  • Solutions that result in reduced regulatory and product stewardship risk in the supply chain

Accurate and Quality Data and Content at the Core

3E Company's core competence is researching, sourcing, aggregating, enriching and maintaining EH&S compliance related data and making it available to our customers in a format that is easy, practical to use, and based on their specific needs. 3E's data and content set is unsurpassed and a leader in the industry. It is the broadest, most dynamically updated, highest quality and most accurate collection of data, bar none.

Unmatched EH&S Experience & Expertise

While data is at the core of our business, the true value is realized when we apply our expertise, best practices and business rules to the data. 3E has more than two decades of experience providing critical EH&S services to global customers. Our professionals have deep domain expertise and many are recognized as industry thought leaders, as evidenced by our industry awards, speaking engagements, and published articles. 3E is the only provider with the unique and powerful combination of sourcing our own content and developing the underlying technology to deliver it, all with our own employees who have direct contact with the content and our customers.

Our regulatory experts:

  • Maintain direct relationships with regulatory bodies across the globe

  • Hold relevant degrees and certifications

  • Come from a variety of disciplines such as environmental health, sciences, and engineering; natural resources; toxicology; product safety and stewardship; chemical engineering, business process engineering; dangerous goods logistics; hazardous materials management, chemistry and law

  • Are accessible to our customers round-the-clock, working and residing in several time zones

  • Speak dozens of languages and understand local interpretations and applications of regulations

Industry Knowledge

Our staff is familiar with and comes from a variety of industry backgrounds, such as chemical, process, consumer product and pharmaceutical manufacturing; waste management; emergency response; environmental consulting; healthcare; retail and others.

Technical Know-how

3E invests heavily in deploying the best IT developer talent to design tools and applications that utilize the latest advancements in technology, and integrate with third party applications and systems. In addition, we have vast experience and a successful track record in SAP EHS Management content implementations.

Business Rules & Best Practices

As a result of the powerful combination of 3E's experienced staff and rich repository of data, 3E Company has developed a set of business rules and best practices that is unparalleled in the industry. Rigorous care is taken to ensure the quality of 3E's data, including the accuracy and comprehensiveness of Ariel regulatory lists, legislation or scientific data; and the constant review and maintenance of the currency of the MSDSs / SDSs in our database.

These meticulous processes translate into a proven methodology and track record resulting in the earned trust of a loyal and devoted customer base of thousands.

3E Company has a unique and compelling value proposition. The powerful combination of accurate, high-quality data, expertise, round-the-clock global support and breadth of capabilities provides the ultimate solution for your company to manage EH&S capabilities, resulting in reduced cost, risk and liability while improvidng process. Our differentiators include:

Accuracy & Quality

  • Our data is 99%+ accurate
  • Integrity of 3E's data is a critical differentiator
  • Data is continuously updated by contact with manufacturers and regulatory bodies

24-7-365 Support

  • Round-the-clock customer service via 3E EH&S Mission Control Center
  • Highly accessible, on-call experts providing global coverage and support

Unparalleled Experience & Expertise

  • Over two decades of providing crtical EH&S services to global customers
  • Employees are domain experts with relevant degrees and certifications

Full Lifecycle / Breadth of Solutions

  • Services span multiple verticals throughout the supply chain
  • Support many environments, including SAP® EHSM
  • Support upstream manufacturer product stewardship and downstream end-user worklace safety applications

Premiere EH&S Knowledgebase

  • Broadest and largest
  • Dynamic database of 4+ million MSDSs
  • Global regulatory database of hundreds of thousands of substances
  • Leading provider of both product-level MSDS data and substance-level regulatory data, fully integrated

Comprehensive, Flexible Solutions

3E provides EH&S data solutions for many aspects of product safety and stewardship, and workplace safety - from product development to final waste disposal. This stands in sharp contrast to alternatives which take a narrow approach, providing assistance only in very specific areas, such as vendor MSDS management, emergency response or chemical regulatory data services.

When companies use disparate, inconsistent or inferior sources of EH&S data and information throughout various departments or business units, it can have a negative impact that ripples through the supply chain. Non-compliance exposes the company to safety and financial risks that can come in a variety of forms, ranging from the inability to sell products in their intended markets, to fines or failure to appropriately respond to a chemical-related emergency or incident.

3E Company's unique combination of rich regulatory and scientific content, EH&S domain expertise and best practices uniquely qualifies us to provide a comprehensive approach to chemical regulatory information and compliance management that reduces regulatory and product stewardship risk in the supply chain.

3E works closely with customers to identify needs, recommend specific solutions and implement flexible, modular programs that result in maximum business value. Even if you begin with a single product from our broad suite, 3E is well-suited to expand as your compliance needs grow, providing an easy migration path for your future needs.

Each of 3E's services comes with a variety of options and enhancements that can be configured based on a customer's EH&S information management needs. Contact us for more information today.

EH&S (environmental health & safety) professionals work in a highly challenging atmosphere. Economic forces demand that resource-constrained EH&S departments stay at peak performance and manage increased responsibility with fewer resources. Trends point to a shrinking talent pool and a scarcity of newcomers to the EH&S field. All the while, companies want to visibly demonstrate a high level of compliance and protect their brand. One mishandled situation involving hazardous materials can be a disaster. 3E Company’s products and services have been proven to deliver cost savings, greater EH&S cost efficiencies, improved compliance, reduced risk and corporate brand protection at more than 75,000 customer sites.

Customers in virtually every industry and government sector have come to rely on 3E Company for EH&S information and compliance management.

Backed by a staff of EH&S professionals and founded on a massive collection of data related to MSDSs, global chemical and regulatory information, and emergency responder information, our services have proven time and again to deliver costs savings and increased staff productivity.


Addressing the Challenges of Effective EH&S Regulatory Compliance Management

With the spotlight shining brightly on EH&S compliance, companies are challenged to find effective ways to address the complexities and intricacies of EH&S compliance management. Not only do challenges stem from a constantly-changing regulatory landscape, but from a scarcity of newcomers to the EH&S field, and pressure on EH&S departments to manage increased responsibility with fewer resources. Addressing these issues requires broad and deep domain expertise - expertise that doesn’t always exist within the company. And if it does, this expertise should be dedicated to driving the company’s overall compliance strategy, not bogged down with paperwork or administrative activities related to documentation, registrations, permits, fees, research of the latest regulatory changes or tracking individual country requirements. 3E Company provides comprehensive, one-stop solutions for content, data, tools, and services for companies that want to provide leadership and take control of their product stewardship and EH&S compliance activities. 3E's products and services help companies make the transition from simply managing for compliance, to cutting-edge product stewardship practices that deliver tangible and sustainable business results throughout the organization and across the supply chain.

3E's team of professionals guide you through the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and rapid implementation and efficient, ongoing operations. This holistic approach of identifying needs, recommending specific solutions and implementing flexible, modular programs results in maximum business value by enhancing EH&S staff productivity, increasing EH&S cost efficiencies and providing relief from the burdensome aspects of compliance.

3E Corporate Social Responsibility
Our commitment to the community begins with our employees. As part of 3E’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, 3E BetterWorld – Local Efforts for Global Impact, our employees can engage in a number of programs aimed towards making better choices in environmental stewardship.

The 3E BetterWorld programs strive to connect our colleagues and their families to meaningful community service and corporate citizenship opportunities that reflect 3E Company’s shared values, team culture, and mission. Through focused, measurable initiatives, 3E seeks to support the sustainable social and environmental welfare of our 3 key areas of focus: “Land, Ocean, and People” on a local, national and global scale.

3E shares Verisk Analytics’ commitment to supporting organizations on both the global and local level, focusing its resources towards causes employees care about.  

3E Company has partnered with and funded a grant to WaterAid America, an international non-profit organization aimed towards transforming lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation. 3E also partners with and provides grants to charitable organizations in the local communities in which we do business, including:

  • programs aiding urban youths and athletes with disabilities in Bethesda, MD
  • a care facility for the developmentally disabled in San Marcos, CA
  • an organization focused on stabilizing the lives of hundreds of thousands of homeless, runaway, abused, and at-risk youth in the San Diego area

Employee Engagement and Community Service
Our employees play an integral role as good corporate citizens by contributing time and dollars supporting a variety of civic, charitable, and other organizations. Our employees have volunteered by: collecting food, coats, and toys; cleaning parks; packing food supplies for seniors; and serving food at homeless shelters. We’ve sent holiday notes to American troops overseas; donated blood; and run, walked, and eaten for charity.

Matching Gifts Program
When employees donate to a non-profit, 3E Company follows in kind. 3E Company encourages the support for nonprofit charitable and educational organizations through matching gifts made by employees (up to $5,000).