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  • 3E - Emergency Response Services

    3E - Emergency Response Services

    When a chemical spill or exposure occurs do your employees know how to respond? Failure to respond quickly and effectively to an unintended incident such as a chemical spill or inhalation can turn a small incident into a much larger one. It can increase the impact of the event on your employees, customers, community and the environment and expose the company to penalties, lawsuits and damage to your brand.

  • Regulatory Consulting Services

    Regulatory Consulting Services

    Do you have the dedicated resources and expertise to anticipate, analyze and fulfill increasingly complex compliance obligations? Companies operating within a global marketplace face an increasing array of compliance challenges. Differing obligations by market, difficulty determining the impact of regulations on products, suppliers and markets, lack of resources, knowledge gaps, language barriers, challenges interfacing with competent...

  • Regulatory Disclosures, Permits & Reports Services

    Regulatory Disclosures, Permits & Reports Services

    Does your team have the resources, time and expertise to fulfill increasingly complex regulatory reporting requirements? Navigating the complex web of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) regulatory reporting obligations at federal, state and local levels is difficult and resource intensive. From training on proper handling and storage of hazardous materials to proper disposal, reporting and recordkeeping of hazardous waste information, employers and...

  • Regulatory Reference Services

    Regulatory Reference Services

    How do you ensure products can be manufactured, shipped and sold in their intended markets? When teams use a variety of disparate methods and inconsistent sources to research a myriad of constantly changing regulations and industry trends it can be costly, and not only in terms of the considerable time and resources required. It can also increase the risk of missing critical information impacting materials, products, processes, customers and...

  • Safer Chemical Analytics Services

    Safer Chemical Analytics Services

    How effectively are you protecting employees, consumers and communities? With increasing consumer and regulatory pressure to identify risk and replace harmful chemicals with safer, more eco-friendly alternatives, there is a growing need for chemical risk assessment and management as part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

  • 3E - SDS & Chemical Management Services

    3E - SDS & Chemical Management Services

    How effective are the tools, systems, data and processes you have in place to ensure workplace safety and compliance? Effectively managing chemical and workplace safety has never been more challenging. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), compliance, industrial hygiene, legal, safety and other teams are struggling with complex and continually changing regulatory obligations in multiple jurisdictions, an increasing number of language and format...

  • SDS Authoring & Distribution Services

    SDS Authoring & Distribution Services

    How efficient and effective are your hazard communication authoring processes today? Creating, maintaining and distributing comprehensive, updated SDSs and labels that conform to increasingly complex compliance requirements worldwide takes expertise, regulatory knowledge, current data, accuracy and time. With employees and customers to protect, products to ship, customer demands to fulfill, new markets to enter and complex regulatory obligations to...

  • SDS Authoring Services

    SDS Authoring Services

    How much time does your team spend authoring hazard communication documentation? Companies are obligated to provide employees and downstream customers with unlimited access to critical safety information via Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and other hazard communication documentation. Creating and maintaining comprehensive, updated SDSs that conform to complex and changing regulations in multiple jurisdictions worldwide is a challenging and resource...

  • Storage, Transport & Waste Support Services

    Storage, Transport & Waste Support Services

    How effectively and efficiently are you managing hazardous materials compliance today? Hazardous materials classification, storage, transport and disposal are critical functions which can expose the company, employees and customers to significant risk. With complex regulations that vary at local, state and federal levels, understanding and fulfilling compliance obligations requires specialized knowledge and dedicated resources. How does your team...

  • Supply Chain Compliance Services

    Supply Chain Compliance Services

    How quickly can you evaluate the compliance of upstream suppliers and respond to the information requests of downstream customers? With regulatory requirements expanding and public pressure for Corporate Social Responsibility increasing, the ability to efficiently collect, validate and share product and supply chain compliance information has never been more critical. But for teams tasked with supply chain compliance, chasing down material and...

  • Regulatory Consulting Services

  • REACH Compliance Services

    REACH Compliance Services

    3E Company employs industry professionals well versed in many areas of EH&S compliance, including the Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) for the EU and Korea.

  • CDR Reporting Services

    CDR Reporting Services

    In line with the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) recently issued final CDR Rule, previously known as the Inventory Update Reporting (IUR) Modifications Rule, 3E provides Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) Services. Access to reliable support is instrumental to navigating the new rule and its many complexities, including those related to the EPA's intent to reduce the number of Confidential Business Information (CBI)...

  • European Product Registration Services

    European Product Registration Services

    A number of European countries have national legislations requiring registration of certain substances and preparations/mixtures. This legislation is not harmonized at the EU level and is not being changed or impacted by REACH obligations.

  • C&L Notification Services

    C&L Notification Services

    Ensure Classification & Labelling Notification requirements under the European CLP Regulation are met.

  • Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) Services

    Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) Services

    The foundation of our Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Service is the assignment of a lead Dangerous Goods Service Adviser (DGSA) to each customer. Through this relationship, 3E Company is able to develop a thorough understanding of the customer’s business helping to ensure delivery of services that are most effective for the customer’s specific operations. This approach ensures that the independent consultative audit conducted by the 3E...

  • Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Services

    Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Services

    3E Company provides support for the complex and time-consuming tasks associated with regulatory compliance for the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Outsourcing this process to a team of experienced regulatory professionals that is actively involved and engaged in these activities on a daily basis can be a highly efficient and effective way to address the challenges associated with ensuring compliance with chemical control laws.

  • Other

  • 3E Ariel - Expert Rules, Phrases and Templates Modem

    3E Ariel - Expert Rules, Phrases and Templates Modem

    Reduce the amount of time spent researching, understanding and applying global chemical regulatory requirements and ensure that safety data sheets and other documents are compliant with country-specific regulations. Improving global hazard communication has never been easier.

  • 3E - Hazardous Waste Services

    3E - Hazardous Waste Services

    It seems we hear or read about a large corporation being fined for illegal waste disposal or improper storage practices far too often. Keeping up with the myriad of local, state, and federal requirements is difficult. 3E Waste Services offer valuable resources to assist in fulfilling hazardous waste compliance obligations and keep your company out of the media spotlight. If your company has several locations across the...

  • Conflict Minerals Legislation Services

    Conflict Minerals Legislation Services

    Mandatory and voluntary conflict mineral initiatives – know your role: Complying with conflict mineral regulations and voluntary initiatives can be fraught with challenges including communicating with suppliers, fielding requests, changing contracts, making public statements on the adopted conflict minerals policy and educating suppliers about why this information is necessary. It is especially challenging to do this across time zones in...

  • MSDS Authoring

    Manufacturers and distributors of all sizes increasingly face challenges that result from globalization in the marketplace and changing international regulatory initiatives. This has a direct effect on the company's ability to efficiently and effectively produce and maintain currency of MSDSs, labels and hazard communication documents for their products. Effective, compliant and up-to-date documents—especially MSDSs—are not only a global requirement, but serve as the critical centerpiece for en

  • 3E Generate On Request

    3E Generate On Request

    3E Company is the industry’s most trusted independent resource for authoring accurate MSDSs / SDSs and regulatory documentation.  For situations involving 20 products or less, manufacturers may qualify for a standard service option that provides effective, compliant documents via an easy-to-use automated request system.

  • Solutions for GHS

  • GHS for Upstream Suppliers and Manufacturers

    GHS for Upstream Suppliers and Manufacturers

    Navigating the Complexities of the Globally 'Harmonized' System: The UN Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification and labelling of chemicals continues to have a profound effect on safety and compliance initiatives around the globe. GHS adoption has proven to be anything but harmonised, and, as a result, many companies still struggle to comply with different countries’ requirements. Verisk 3E has been helping companies tackle the...