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3nine AB

3nine is a Swedish company that develops solutions for the purification of processed air. Our revolutionary technology is based on disc stack separation, which resolves in an extremely high degree of purification in a very compact format and requires a minimum of maintenance. The liquid to gas separation is an invention over 100 years old. Over the past decade, we have won 40% of the global patents and now has acquired over 100.

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Air Filtration
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Globally (various continents)
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3nine – Ownership Structure

3nine is owned in part by Sagri Development. They are a part of the Grimaldi Industri Group, a family of companies owned and lead by Salvatore Grimaldi. Other minority owners are 3nine AB management and employees, Christoffer Kurpátow and Tommy Henningsson.


Separation Instead Of Collection

While competing technologies collect particles in a filter media (I.e. electrostatic filtration, mechanical filtration, rotating filtration), the 3nine separation technology is based instead on separating fluid particles with a disc stack, allowing reuse of cutting fluids and lowering maintenance to a minimum. The GREEN LINE Series of units can separate 100% of all particles down to 1µm and 82% of particles as small as 0.75µm.



The Hepa Filter (H13)

In order to capture the finer particles 

 (The diagram is based on the assumption of 150mg fed in and a log-normal distribution of DV50, Σ0.6. This would be a fairly difficult application).

3nine supports Industrial customers who strive to change and improve their working environment by supplying high quality and cost effective solutions in conjunction with value added services.

Not only do 3nine products help thousands of company’s worldwide in reducing unnecessary maintenance costs but they also contribute to a “greener” Metal Working Industry.


Our customers have invested in over 10,500 3nine oil mist separators. The units together separate over 4.1 million liters of oil every year. That’s the equivalent of 91 trucks of oil recycled for the Metal Working Industry.


Compared to traditional technologies that collect oil mist through a filter media (I.e. mechanical filters or rotating filters) and require filter replacements often, 3nine solutions spare the environment from thousands of used filters that would otherwise need to be disposed of as hazardous waste. Lower filter consumption means less transportation costs. That combined with lower disposal costs means we are helping to reduce a company’s  CO2 emissions impact.


The processed air which is treated in our oil mist separators is slightly warmed from the cleaning process before it is  recycled back into the workshop. This reduces energy consumption at many companies in colder climates and with the purified air it helps reduce the maintenance on air handlers for the shop.


By separating your oil or coolant instead of collecting it you will lower your company’s overall CO2 emissions. The 91 trucks of recycled oil mentioned above, spares the environment of 12,800 tons of CO2.