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3V Tech today is a leading global provider of advanced process systems and equipment for the process industries. The company consists of 3 well-known brands: COGEIM, provider of Filters & Filter-Dryers. MABO, provider of Thin Film Evaporators. GLASSCOAT, provider of Glasslined Equipment. And the in November 2013 newly introduced 4th brand: `PROCESS`, provider of complete process systems/plants.

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Piazza Libertà, 10 , Bergamo , 24121 Italy

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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This unique combination of expertise makes us a single-source partner for all of our clients' needs.

Not only do we construct individual equipment, we also design and implement complete process systems with all of the necessary technology and manufacturing expertise drawn from within our group. Where most of our competitors are only able to offer a single element within a system, we can offer the complete system and so are able to realize projects faster and at a better price. This approach allows 3V Tech to bid successfully on projects put out to tender and also leads to repeat business from our many satisfied clients.

3V Tech's activities encompass Europe, North and South America as well as Asia.
Around 70% of our projects are carried out on behalf of international clients.

The quality of 3V Tech's work is its greatest asset.
We are constantly seeking ways in which to innovate and invest substantially in research and development.
We operate our own 2,000 m2 testing facility where pilot plant trials can be carried out. In this way we do not have to depend only on simulations but can test equipment and plant under real conditions ensuring the client's requirements are fulfilled in every way.

3V Tech is determined in its efforts to maintain internal control over all aspects of its projects as it is convinced this is the best way to assure a high quality end result.
We have a solid fund of expertise within our group and through the expansion, acquisitions and partnerships that have been realized in recent years, we are well positioned to offer our clients a high quality, turnkey solution to fit their needs. This puts us in a very strong position compared to our competitors.

3V Tech will keep investing in quality, service, acquisitions and strategic partnerships in order to assure its future growth.


First chemical production activities
1960 - 1970
Industrial development of chemical production and international operations
3V Group starts designing and constructing equipment and process systems for manufacturing industry (3V Cogeim)
3V Group develops a chemical production site in the United States (3V Inc.)
Joint Venture with ENI for developing innovative chemical products (CPM Company in Porto Marghera, Venice)
3V Group develops and internal treatment center for wastewater and contaminated sludge
3V Green Eagle is formed in order to further develop the wastewater treatment and environmental services
3V Group enters thermal treatment equipment market (3V Mabo)
3V Group enters Glass Lining market (3V Glasscoat)

1960 - 1970

1960 - Opening of first plant in Italy - Mozzo (BG)
3V starts as a manufacturer of fine chemicals for different industries.

1970 - 1980

1970 - 1980 ‐ Start of international operations
Between 1970 and 1980 3V started its operations internationally by opening commercial subsidiaries in the most important western countries. It also openend a new manufacturing plant for the production of fine chemicals in South Carolina- USA.

In 1976, the 3V decided to diversify its activity in the design and manufacturing of process equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry by incorporating 3V COGEIM, which started to manufacture equipment to worldwide customers.

1990 - 2000

1990 - 2000 ‐ 3V Cogeim leading manufactures of solid-liquid separation equipment
3V COGEIM is among the leading manufacturers of solid-liquid separation equipment (filters, dryers) well recognized for its continuous technological improvements and developments.

3V reviewed its Mission in the process equipment division by widening its range of products and services offered to the market, what we today call as our 'Advanced Process Systems Strategy'.

2000 - 2013

In 2000, 3V Green Eagle was established and develops innovative technologies for the treatment of industrial wastewater and sludge. These technologies have earned the distinction of BAT (Best Available Technique) from the European Bureau IPCC.

In 2003, 3V Mabo was acquired, a company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of thin film evaporators and short path evaporators, which permit the distillation of extremely viscous fluids and thermolabile products. These systems have widespread applications, not only in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors but also in industries where they are used for the remediation of polluted areas, regeneration of waste oils and treatment of substances affected by leached contaminants.

In 2008, 3V Tech acquired Top Service s.r.l., a company that had recently reached important results in the glass-lined sector. The name was changed to 3V Glasscoat as part of 3V Tech's strategic vision of becoming a world leader in the process equipment sector. It also represented a further step on the road towards complete vertical integration of the company's own activities. 3V Glasscoat gives 3V Tech its own in-house expertise in the glass-lined sector and has become one of the leading references in its market.

In 2009, 3V Tech entered into a strategic partnership with Italian company Soffiere Sestese srl, which has specialised in the design and manufacture of borosilicate 3.3 glass equipment and components since 1984. Its specific knowledge and experience in designing process systems are the perfect complement to 3V Glasscoat's own expertise in glass-lined reactors.