908 Devices Inc.

908 Devices Inc.

908 Devices Inc. is democratizing chemical analysis by way of mass spectrometry. We make products ranging from rugged, handheld chemical detection tools to compact, tiny footprint analyzers and fast separation devices. These purpose-built and user-centric devices serve a range of industries including safety and security, oil & gas, life sciences and other applied markets. The company develops its products using mass spectrometry technology, an analytical technique for measuring the mass of charged molecules that is used in chemical analysis laboratories for applications. such as safety and security, food science, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics, and controlling industrial processes.

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645 Summer Street, Suite 201 , Boston , Massachusetts 02210 USA
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Laboratory Equipment
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Globally (various continents)

Applied Science & Chemistry

We turn complicated data into actionable knowledge. Our team of scientists and analytical chemists are optimizing technologies central to our products. Designing experiments that define future capabilities. Pushing the boundaries of current performance standards. Incorporating new analytical techniques for future product development. And integrating leading-edge analytical techniques with user experience for sought after ‘push button, get answer’ tools.

Component Engineering

We make smaller parts for smaller products. Each component we design and build is held to exacting standards for performance, serviceability and repeatability. Using state-of-the-art machine tools and rigid quality control processes, our vacuum pumps, MS cores and electronics boards are developed for reliability by our component engineering team.

Electrical Design

Our electrical design is the nexus between performance and engineering. The demand for smaller, lighter weight products with increased functionality and advanced features pose a challenge for electrical design. From PCB development and housing design through the creation of cooling systems – everything must shrink, except performance. We take an integrated approach that effectively merges electrical, mechanical and industrial design at every step of the development process to maximize performance – no matter how small the products get.

Product Development

Our designs are driven by function. We blend technical, physical and aesthetic properties to deliver truly useful integrated solutions that solve real-world challenges. The allure of physical design coupled with distinguished performance and functionality add significant credibility to our product offering. We engage customers at every stage of the development process. As a result each feature is intentional to meet their unmet need.

Software & Algorithms

Our approach to software began with the end in mind. The interface would be slick, simple and unambiguous. Discoverable features would provide dynamic control over mass spec analysis. Results would require no interpretation. The outcome is a truly holistic experience. Our software strikes a fine balance between structure and flexibility. This means providing peak performance while staying light on our feet to adapt to new customer requirements. Under the hood, software automation and on-board analytics make data work for you, rather than you working to understand data. We strive to provide robust, reliable answers with defined true and false positive rates so there is no question.