A.B.E. Environmental Technologies Inc.

A.B.E. Environmental Technologies Inc.

A.B.E. Environmental Technologies Inc. is a pioneer and leader in the delivery of sophisticated water solutions, specializing in advanced Separation Technologies. A.B.E. Environmental Technologies Inc. develops, designs, patents, manufactures, installs and maintains our integrated systems built for solids separation, water purification, desalination and effluent concentration required for industrial applications. Our custom systems provide our clients with the most efficient and cost effective solutions available in the marketplace.

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Water Filtration and Separation
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We provide consulting services, products and integrated manufactured water treatment systems to a wide variety of companies across all market sectors where water use and re-use is of critical importance.

A.B.E.’s expert staff work closely with customers to improve water treatment operations, satisfy environmental requirements and protect capital investments by properly managing and producing high purity water for process applications or treating wastewater to ensure discharge compliance.

Waste reduces a company's profitability, and many businesses are now altering their processes to minimize the impact of waste on their bottom line and on the environment. Annual cost savings of up to 1% of overall company turnover are proving to be typical results of an effective waste minimization program.

Our Separation Technologies are cost-effective and essential for the recovery and re-use of both water and raw materials from your process or waste streams, and are an important component of any waste and effluent minimization initiative.

Our complete offering of separation technologies is summarized as follows:
Separation of dissolved substances from liquids using:

  • Adsorption
  • Ion exchange
  • Precipitation
  • Membrane technologies
  • Electrical technologies
  • Evaporation
  • Distillation
  • Dissolved air flotation
  • Air/steam stripping

Separation of gases from liquids using:

  • Separation vessels
  • Defoaming technologies
  • Demisting technologies
  • Electrostatic precipitation

A.B.E. Environmental Technologies Inc. was founded in 2005 with the aim of advancing membrane based separation processess for the production of high purity water and refining advanced separation technologies to solve water re-use and wastewater treatment issues (related specifically to reduction of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds including PAH).

A.B.E. Environmental Technologies Inc. has since advanced our core technologies related to the separation, concentration and/or purification of aqueous solutions. Core technologies include our patented Mechanical Vapor Re-compression (MVR) heat exchangers, MVR systems, Waste Heat Evaporators, Waste Heat Condensing Evaporators, Oil/Water Separators and the Design & Construction of Zero Liquid Discharge Facilities.

A.B.E. Environmental Technologies Inc. recognizes an urgent need to use water more efficiently and wisely to protect finite water resources for the benefit of the environment and future generations. In response to an increasing demand for water efficiency capabilities by industry, government, water regulators and suppliers, A.B.E. Environmental Technologies Inc. has developed a product line, a range of expertise based on specialist knowledge and significant experience in the water resource sector.We will continue to develop and patent separation technology that can be integrated into Zero Liquid Discharge systems.

Here at A.B.E. Environmental Technologies Inc., our mission is to be recognized as a leader in the design and delivery of engineered water treatment solutions that protect our environment. A.B.E. Environmental Technologies Inc. is committed to meeting customer needs and delivering superior integrated solutions and excellent services at an economical cost, while meeting the highest professional and ethical standards.