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  • Rotating Settlement Tank Scrapers

    Rotating Settlement Tank Scrapers

    Our Rotating half bridge, three-quarter bridge and full bridge scrapers are built to a standardised modular design. A&J Water's history of delivering rotating bridge scrapers for UK water authorities and international clients alike gives us a breadth of experience and expertise like none other. The basis of our scraper bridge designs are the UK-standard WIMES specifications, but of course no project is ever 'standard'. That's where our team of...

  • Fixed Bridge Scrapers

    Fixed Bridge Scrapers

    Our fixed bridge scraper range includes full and half-bridge units from just a few metres to over 30m in diameter incorporating a range of features designed to offer the most cost-effective option whilst minimising maintenance requirements throughout.

  • Suction Lift Scrapers

    Suction Lift Scrapers

    We are proud of our recent track record having designed and installed over £2.5 million worth of suction lift technology in recent times, giving A&J Water Treatment considerable experience in this field. As an alternative to traditional rotating scrapers which move sludge to a central hopper for abstraction, these collect the sludge within the chevron pattern scraper blades as the machine travels around the tank and the sludge is then...

  • Scum Concentration & Scum Removal Equipment

    Scum Concentration & Scum Removal Equipment

    A&J Water Treatment have combined a retractable scum concentrator arm with their peripheral dipping scum removal device for applications where high volumes of mousse-like scum accumulates and resists withdrawal from the tank by conventional means. A need was identifed by our clients to remove troublesome surface scum accumulations associated wih activated sludge processes where traditional scum removal techniques were inneffective, our engineers...

  • WRc & Picket Fence Sludge Thickeners

    WRc & Picket Fence Sludge Thickeners

    WRc Thickeners and Picket Fence Thickeners for reliable sludge concentration. A&J Water Treatment has supplied dozens of WRc Thickeners and Picket Fence Thickeners into the marketplace in varying styles and sizes from as little as 1.6m diameter to 16m diameter, including package plants (tank and thickener) and fabrication in a variety of materials such as painted mild steel, 304 grade & 316 grade stainless steel for both potable water and...