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A&J Water Treatment Ltd.

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  • Scraper Bridge Loading Data Acquisition

    Scraper Bridge Loading Data Acquisition

    True loading data can reduce the cost and inherent risk of new equipment. When specifying new equipment there is often much uncertainty as to the true design parameters, even if existing equipment is already in service in the same application on site. This can lead to either cautious over-engineering or problems further down the line: Costly in either case! With a view to supporting all parties in the design specification stages of a settlement...

  • Installation & Maintenance Services

    Installation & Maintenance Services

    A&J Water Treatment are proud to offer the services of our own installation and site service teams. A&J Water Treatment pride ourselves on our culture with respect to health & safety, top level skills, personable service and quality installation and service. We have worked hard to build a team that is both experienced and flexible as we appreciate that site programmes don't always go exactly to plan. This reflects our desire to build...

  • Spares & After-Sales

    Spares & After-Sales

    With our experienced water industry teams we have the know-how to spot issues with equipment and help sort them before they become problems. Sometimes a spot of grease is all that's needed, but without it a whole machine and consequently a whole works may be at risk. It is not un-common for equipment to be in operation well beyond it's design life, and so careful monitoring and maintenance is imperitive to ensure reliable service and safe operation.