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A-Plus Consulting

A-Plus Consulting is an independent consultancy providing expert advice and guidance to all parties involved in the continuous monitoring of gaseous and particulate emissions to air from stationary sources of combustion. The services of A-Plus Consulting are primarily aimed to be of assistance to process operators, equipment suppliers, test houses and regulators. They essentially relate to issues with CEMS, MCERTS, OMA, EN14181, LCPD, WID and other related matters. Compliance monitoring requirements are constantly developing and can no longer be considered a part time occupation. A-Plus Consulting was formed to assist the above groups meet the ever increasing demands of environmental compliance monitoring. Thus allowing individuals to focus on the specific demands of their core business, assured in the knowledge that their compliance issues receive the professional attention that they require.

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35 Holmesdale Road, Dronfield , Derbyshire , England S18 2FA United Kingdom
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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Air Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

A-Plus-Consulting is owned and operated by Graham Clark.

Graham has over 28 years of relevant experience on which to call, for the benefit of A-Plus Consultancy customers. He brings to the table a rare blend of engineering and commercial expertise along with a detailed understanding of the emissions monitoring business. These skills, familiarity with current regulations and a detailed, logical approach to problem solving enable him to offer a first class service.

Originally trained by the Central Electricity Generating Board, Graham completed a full Instrumentation and Process Control, City & Guilds apprenticeship and subsequently a Higher National Certificate in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. He spent 13 years spent in the power industry including spells in power generation, power transmission and research and development at the Central Electricity Research Laboratories in Leatherhead. His time at C.E.R.L. was spent in the Environmental Physics Department where his real involvement in emissions monitoring began.

Following privatisation Graham left National Power and spent the next 15 years working for emissions monitoring equipment suppliers. During this period he successfully completed roles in systems commissioning, project engineering, project management, service management and product management. His experiences encompass a wide range of industry sectors gained on a truly international stage with considerable time spent abroad.

His involvement has covered every aspect of emissions monitoring systems from specification, system design, installation, commissioning, trouble-shooting, calibration and validation. In addition he has represented customers and suppliers in negotiations with regulators. More recently he has represented the Source Testing Association on E.U. working groups associated with the EN 14181 standard.


Continuous emissions monitoring requirements have changed beyond recognition in recent years.  Increased awareness of environmental concerns and harmonization within the E.U. have led to new, more stringent and more complex regulations and standards.  Previous relaxed working practices have no place in today's market and hence new ways must be found to deal with the demands of current and forthcoming regulation.

Historically, emissions monitoring has had a reputation of being a 'black art', best avoided.  More and more there is a need to ensure that monitoring issues are dealt with by experienced professionals rather than simply tagged onto the duties of an already busy individual.

In many cases it's either not practical or cost effective to employ full time, 'in-house' experts.  In these cases A-Plus Consulting can offer the solution; experienced, up to date services available 'on tap' as and when required, without the overhead of permanent employees.

A-Plus Consulting offers a range of services to assist operators, test houses, equipment suppliers and regulators.  Examples of these services can be found on the following pages.  If your specific needs are not addressed please ask and if within my remit I will be glad to be of assistance.