A. S. A. Abfall Service AG

A. S. A. Abfall Service AG

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  • Services – Individual Solutions for All Waste Problems

    Services – Individual Solutions for All Waste Problems

    In .A.S.A., waste management is based on individual customer requirements and offers consulting in all legal and logistical matters.By using innovative solutions and the staff’s skills, the company continuously develops optimum disposal concepts for the municipal, industrial, commercial and retail sectors as well as households. The entire range of its waste-management services is available for implementing required measures.

  • Municipalities Services

    Municipalities Services

    .A.S.A. is a strong partner for municipalities. It disposes domestic waste collected from more than 2,5 million residents and provides such municipal services as road cleaning, winter services, cemetery management and many more in many major cities. .A.S.A. has entered into close cooperation and joint ventures with many cities and waste-management associations.

  • Industry Services

    Industry Services

    .A.S.A. runs branches in the east, south and north of Austria, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Romania. Other countries in Eastern and South-East Europe will be coming on stream soon, which puts the company well on its way to providing proximate services to its more than 15,000 industrial customers.

  • Commercial and Retail Companies Services

    Commercial and Retail Companies Services

    Following the analysis of the actual situation, logistics solutions will be drawn up and the appropriate collection containers provided. On request, .A.S.A. will – besides providing ongoing consulting services – also handle the task of controlling because its services extend far beyond disposal alone. Satisfied customers include well-known department store chains.

  • Households Services

    Households Services

    Everybody who only requires waste services occasionally or in special cases, .A.S.A. keeps a wide range of various collection containers readily available.Its many locations mean that .A.S.A. is always very close to where needs arise. All its locations possess qualified consulting teams who provide support with the utmost care in regard to the individual needs of home and property owners, freelancers and garage or parking-facility operators.