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  • Rocket Mill RM 2.50 Double

    Rocket Mill RM 2.50 Double

    The Rocket Mill is A TEC’s innovation for alternative fuel preparation which combines drying and grinding in one step. The machine is equipped with two grinding chambers which can be independently loaded. Permanent control of the mill power guarantees optimum and secure utilization. The input material usually only requires one pre-shredding step followed by a sieving step, which is sorting out the organic,and a magnetic separation....

  • Pendulum Flap

    Pendulum Flap

    Pendulum Flaps in cement preheaters have the function to avoid counter gas flow through material pipes between two stages of the preheater. Such counter gas flow leads to unwanted heat loss and build-up formation in meal ducts and results in drastic reduction of the separation efficiency of the cyclone above. The importance of well functioning pendulum flaps is often neglected by operators. High specific energy consumption (kcal/kg clinker) and poor...

  • Splash Box

    Splash Box

    Optimized distribution of the feed into the riser ducts of cement kilns is a key factor for optimized heat exchange and thermal efficiency of the pyroprocess. The engineering team of A TEC has designed a special SPLASH BOX to avoid a poor degree of calcination of the raw material, high exit temperature at the preheater top stage and consequently higher specific energy consumption (kcal/ kg clinker) as well as poor clinker quality. This specially...

  • Cyclone Dip Tube

    Cyclone Dip Tube

    Cyclone Immersion (Dip) Tube for Preheater Lower Stages. Dip tubes have significant influence on the separation efficiency of a cyclone. In modern suspension preheaters it is standard to use cyclones with a dip tube for improved separation. Especially the design of a lower stage dip tube requires know-how and expertise in order to achieve a low pressure drop of the cyclone by retaining the best possible separation efficiency (to avoid too high dust...

  • Tertiary Air Duct Slide Gate

    Tertiary Air Duct Slide Gate

    The nearly maintenance free tertiary air duct slide gate provides the regulation of the gas flow between tertiary air duct and the kiln. The tertiary air duct will be delivered complete ready for installation. The slide gate is manufactured out of refractory lining. (see left side). The slide gate consists of 2 parts. The lower part is a possible wear part and can be changed if necessary. The slide gate has 2 inspection doors in order to have an easy...

  • Model Hurriclon 3 - Low Pressure High Efficiency Cyclone

    Model Hurriclon 3 - Low Pressure High Efficiency Cyclone

    The World‘s Best Cyclone. Best efficiency, best pressure drop reduction, less space requirement. Low Pressure High Efficiency Cyclone. This patented cyclone of the “next generation” is based on the technically superior characteristics of the double dip tube design combined with the integrated HURRIVANE technology.