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  • A2Z Blade Pleating Machine

    A2Z Blade Pleating Machine

    For pleating various pleat depth. Versatile pleating for a variety of media like papers, glass fiber, synthetic medias, stainless steel wire mesh and a combination of fabric and wire mesh (also heavy stainless meshes) or any other medias. Machines are supplied with easy to use manual. Components and parts from leading global suppliers thus easy availability of spares for trouble free maintenance. Efficient & responsive service. Distinctive &...

  • A2Z Automatic Blade Pleater

    A2Z Automatic Blade Pleater

    This model of pleating machine has speical features of automatic pleat depth adjustment on the fly during working of machine. Models: Range from 300 MM - 2400 MM. Various models with pleat depth range from 3mm to 150mm. PLC Controlled. 128 set Memory of pre set values of different functions in auto mode. Centralized lubrication system. Pleat depth can be programmed through PLC. Automatic Pleat depth adjustment. PID temperature controller for pre &...

  • A2Z Blade Pleater PLC

    A2Z Blade Pleater PLC

    PLC controlled system, Designed product parallel accordion type pleats on media such as impregnated filter paper, glass fibre, light wire mesh etc. Automatic fabrication controller, Status indicator of different function during working. Manually Pleat depth adjustment. Pneumatic counter pressure. Aluminium alloy heater. Aluminium alloy knife bar. Aluminium extruded section base frame.

  • A2Z Cabib - Air Filter Line

    A2Z Cabib - Air Filter Line

    PLC controlled, Automatic pleat depth adjustment, Automatic lubrication controller, Memory of pre set values for different function, Status indicator for different function, inline siltter: Pneumatically operated media loading system, Unwind system with brake.

  • A2Z Adhesive Dispenser

    A2Z Adhesive Dispenser

    A2Z Adhesive Dispenser are built to dispense single component formulations like thermosetting adhesives/plastisols. This operates pneumatically and can dispense a measured quantity of fluid ranging from 2cc upto 500cc to suit specific needs. Also available with a roating table particularly for large size filters and large volume dispensing. This machine dispenses measured quantities and ensures uniform application.