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  • Screen Plants

    Screen Plants

    AAF ENVIROTEC GmbH offers various screens and sieves for application in waste water treatment, river intakes and process water treatment.

  • Grit and Grease Removal Plants

    Grit and Grease Removal Plants

    AAF ENVIROTEC GmbH has far-reaching experience with all kinds of grit removal treatment. We can offer custom-made equipment as well as standard designs for any kind of plant.

  • Surface Aerators

    Surface Aerators

    AAF ENVIROTEC’s range of surface aerators include vertical, horizontal and high-speed aerators. They can be adjusted to your every need. GSA surface aerators are especially designed for industrial and municipal sewage treatment. They are the result of successful research and engineering work to find a reliable and economic aeration device, which ensures a unique circulation inside the aeration tank.

  • Rotating Scrapers

    Rotating Scrapers

    Rotating scraper bridges are designed for desludging and descumming of primary and final settling tanks.

  • Travelling Scrapers

    Travelling Scrapers

    As shield or suction scrapers for primary settlement and settling tanks. The scraper bridge is designed as a welded full-wall construction and strengthened with diagonal struts. The catwalk with gratings can be easily unfolded at the openings for maintenance and revision. The power supply is raised by motorized cable drums. The control panel is mounted on the bridge and can be simply connected to an existing process control system. The drive...

  • Non Metallic Sludge Collector

    Non Metallic Sludge Collector

    The AAF non-metallic sludge collector is designed for rectangular settling tanks in water & wastewater treatment plants. The drive unit is equipped with a UHMW-PE sprocket and overload release clutch. The drive chain type NH - 78 is made of acetyl links connected by stainless steel bolts. The working load is 8,000 N, the breaking load is 22,200 N. Due to the black colour, ultra-violet radiation causes no harm to the chain.

  • Compact Sewage Treatment Plants

    Compact Sewage Treatment Plants

    Compact sewage treatment plants combine extended aeration and clarifier in one tank. No primary sedimentation tank is required and the combination of aeration tank and final settling tank provides an extremely economical plant. The excess sludge produced during the biological treatment is mineralized and does not cause any annoying smells or fly nuisance. Methods of construction are simple and may be either stainless steel, reinforced concrete or...