AaLadin Cleaning Systems

AaLadin Cleaning Systems

AaLadin Industries Incorporated`s Mission is to be a customer driven company, providing a world class product for industrial and commercial cleaning applications. A company with the courage to build partnerships with our distribution network that ultimately serves the customer in distinctive and important ways. All of which reflect the Christian values of the entire AaLadin family.

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32584 477th Avenue , Elk Point , South Dakota 57025 USA
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Manufacturing, Other
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Nationally (across the country)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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AaLadin had its meager beginnings on the plains of South Dakota. South Dakota is a section of the American heartland that has always been associated with hard work and perseverance.

Quality was the rock on which the company was begun in January of 1981. Its founders, Pat Wingen, Bill Busker, and Eldean Kjose, decided to form a company to produce high pressure cleaning equipment. They decided: 'We're going to build the best equipment possible and change the image of this industry.' In 1981 there was no quality equipment being built.
With minimal capital raised through second mortgages, the beginnings of AaLadin Industries Incorporated began. The name 'AaLadin' came after a suggestion that cleaning equipment has a touch of 'Magic' in the way you turn an object from dirty to clean with a wave of the wand. Of course the double 'A' kept them first in the yellow pages.

Making AaLadin Absolute Qualtiy
The first step to achieve their goal of 'Total Quality' started with a new and different design. A unit that allowed ease of movement and exceptional serviceability that would set the standard for years to come.
AaLadin Portable Pressure Washers, 13-14 Series Pair
Their idea caught on quickly, and by the end of the second year it was plain to see that their leased 6000 square foot facility was bulging at the seams. In the fall of 1983 a brand new 13,700 square foot facility was started, and by the spring of 1984 the new facility was occupied. Five subsequent additions have brought it to its current 125,000 square feet. In 1981 the company was started with a total of 7 employees, and today the total is near the century mark.
With quality always the ultimate goal, AaLadin has grown in leaps and bounds. AaLadin continued its hard work and today consistently sets the performance and quality standards of the pressure washer industry. The fundamental goal of the founders has been achieved: 'Change the image of the industry.'
AaLadin may not be the biggest pressure washer manufacturer in the industry, but its reputation for quality and integrity make it the Best. These values will continue to move AaLadin forward, and this quest for 'Total Quality' has resulted in AaLadin being the 'Leader in the pressure washer industry.'
The virtues of honesty, integrity, and pride, coupled with quality, performance, and a true love for this industry have kept 'AaLadin - An American Dream' alive and thriving.

When it comes to investing in a professional cleaning system, you wouldn't want to put your money into anything less than the best. That's why at AaLadin, our number one objective has been to design and perfect the best quality high pressure cleaning systems available.

For over two decades, AaLadin has provided equipment designed for every type of operation, and each model we make is engineered with a specific purpose in mind. Not every customer has the same wants or needs, and with over 100 models to choose from, we can meet virtually all of your cleaning requirements from large-scale equipment production to parts and service.

Highest Quality Pressure Washers

At AaLadin, our entire line is manufactured according to strict quality control standards, using only the finest materials and components. And, with a service program that puts the customer first, AaLadin continues to support it's products by building superior, innovative high pressure cleaning systems for customers throughout the world. Due to our successful distributer organization with independent distributors located in nearly every part of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other major countries, AaLadin has become one of the largest manufacturers of high pressure cleaning equipment in America today. 

You deserve excellence from every one of your suppliers, and nothing less. Make the right investment in a high pressure cleaning system. Make it AaLadin.

All fabrication is done at the AaLadin's 125,000 square foot production facility in Elk Point, SD, right down to the final coat of paint. Our facility is equipped with state of the art production equipment--including a Trumpf laser cutting station, complete with a lift master material handling system, as well as a 250 Trumpf press brake. AaLadin has adopted the 'cell' method of manufacturing with all of our individual cells equiped with all the most current production tools.
The size of our facility means better quality control. Every product is under one roof throughout the production process, which increases quality and reduces lead time for all of the pressure washer and parts washer products that we manufacture.

No matter what pressure washer brand you decide to purchase, you are still part of the AaLadin experience. Why? Because AaLadin pioneered so many of the features other manufacturers have adopted. Of course, if you want the best features right now, you’ll find them first at AaLadin. We don’t claim to be smarter than everyone else. Our secret is simply that we listen to what our distributors and their customers tell us. Then we try to create a better pressure washer to meet their needs. So, our best ideas aren’t really ours – they’re yours – the difference is that we bother to listen, then create – that’s our secret to innovation.

Choosing the brand – it makes a difference….
Every pressure washer manufacturer is going to tell you they make a good product. So do we. The difference is that we back that claim everyday.

AaLadin is a family owned business
This may not make much difference to you. Actually, it’s important. Real important…

Made In America
Again, this may not make a difference to you…but we feel it should.