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  • Flow Measurement

    ABB’s knowledge about flow measurement and management is unmatched. Over the decades, ABB has developed an unrivalled understanding of customers’ challenges and developed innovative solutions to meet them. You have access to over 100 years of flow measurement and control experience to help you save cost and increase profits.

  • ABB CoriolisMaster - Model FCM2000  - Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

    ABB CoriolisMaster - Model FCM2000 - Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

    A wide range of meter sizes provide precise measurement of massflow, volume flow, density, temperature and concentration. ABB´s CoriolisMaster series has a history of success in a wide variety of industries and applications. With innovations like sensor memory, Easy Set-up and no up or downstream piping requirements - they save time and money during installation, commissioning and maintenance.

  • Electromagnetic Flowmeters

    Electromagnetic Flowmeters

    Electromagnetic flowmeters from ABB are in their element whenever the flowrate of conductive liquids, slurries or sludges is to be measured. A comprehensive range of product lines and models cover just about every application. The modular designs offer the industry’s widest range of liners, electrodes, and sizes to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. Whether an integral, remote or pipe mounted installation is required, a common...

  • Flow Computer Units

    Flow Computer Units

    The FCU 200/400 (SensyCal) is a universal measurement computer designed for industrial process signal monitoring and logging. FCU200/400 (SensyCal) combines modern communication technology with sound know-how gained through years of field metrology experience. A high-resolution multi-line graphic display indicates all physical and electrical process variables and device data, logged data and key dates. The communication with SensyCal is possible by...

  • Flow Measurement Accessories

    Flow Measurement Accessories

    Validate and optimize a flowmeter's performance and configure the device without removing the device from its application.

  • Flow Measurement Communication & Configuration Products

    Flow Measurement Communication & Configuration Products

    Family of advanced flowmeter communication, configuration and validation tools that enable detailed verification of a devices performance without the need to remove the meter from the process. Tools scan multiple elements in the flowmeter and compares these with factory settings, and a database of historic values, to identify variances and potential causes.

  • Primary Flow Differential Pressure Products

    Primary Flow Differential Pressure Products

    Differential pressure (DP) flowmeters are the most common type of flow measurement products in use today. ABB offers a wide range of flowmeters and primary elements to suit almost all applications. Meters available include compact and integral orifice flowmeters, averaging pitot tubes, venturi tubes, wedge meters, sub-sea meters, orifice plates, orifice carrier assemblies and flow nozzles. All are available with full certification of materials,...

  • Thermal Mass Flowmeters

    Thermal Mass Flowmeters

    ABB’s Sensyflow series of thermal mass flowmeters is suitable for all industrial and test rig applications that demand quick and precise gas measurement. Sensyflow flowmeters directly indicate the mass flow or normalized volume flow of gases without any additional pressure and temperature compensation. The flowmeters have an impressively high accuracy, short response time and a very wide flow range with virtually no loss of accuracy even at the...

  • Variable Area Flowmeters

    Variable Area Flowmeters

    Variable area (VA) flowmeters provide a cost effective solution for measuring moderate to very low flow rates in a wide variety of liquids and gases. ABB’s flowmeter portfolio includes a comprehensive line of metal, glass and purge flowmeters suitable for any application. From the smallest flow ranges required in laboratory applications to high flow rates in industrial applications, ABB’s variable area instruments can be used in many...

  • Vortex & Swirl Flowmeters

    Vortex & Swirl Flowmeters

    The robust design of ABB’s vortex and swirl flowmeters provide high performance and reliability in liquids, gases and steam measurements. Equipped with digital signal processing (DSP) and advanced filtering techniques, these innovative flowmeters from ABB allow improved flow signal detection and provide measurement immunity from the effects of hydraulic noise and pipeline vibration. Ultimately, these flowmeters provide precise measurement...

  • WaterMaster


    ABB’s new WaterMaster flowmeters set the standard for water, wastewater, sewage and effluent flow measurement and management. WaterMaster delivers more than reliable and accurate measuring values. It delivers speed, simplicity and ease of use at every stage of the product’s lifecycle. WaterMaster provides the flexibility to solve your most demanding water applications, enabling previously unattainable operational and financial benefits.

  • AquaMaster 3 - electromagnetic flowmeter - commercial water flowmeter

    AquaMaster 3 - electromagnetic flowmeter - commercial water flowmeter

    ABB’s AquaMaster flowmeters have long set the standard for the highest levels of measurement accuracy in even the remotest of locations. AquaMaster is aimed at providing users with a truly flexible flowmeter offering the highest levels of intelligence and accuracy for water utility applications. AquaMaster conforms to the latest international standards to meet increasing legislative demands for accurate flow metering. Its wide measuring range...

  • APROBE (Aqua Probe)

    APROBE (Aqua Probe)

    Aquaprobe is an economic alternative to full bore flow meters. It comprises an electromagnetic sensing head mounted on the end of a support rod.

  • CalMaster2 and CheckMaster

    CalMaster2 and CheckMaster

    CalMaster2 is a suite of stand-alone field verification tools for use with ABB's range of electronic flow meters, that enables users to test the integrity of flow meter systems. The verification comprises a large number of separate test routines. A report is displayed of each test as it verifies the condition and performance of the flow meter under test.