Abbott Informatics - STARLIMS

Abbott Informatics - STARLIMS

Abbott Informatics (AI) provides leading Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) solutions that have served customers around the world for more than 30 years. The company's flagship product, STARLIMS, helps improve the reliability of laboratory sampling processes, manage complex testing workflows and analytical methods, support compliance with global regulatory requirements and industry standards, and provide comprehensive reporting, monitoring and analysis capabilities. With multiple support centers throughout the world, AI solutions are used in labs across multiple industries and disciplines including pharma & biotech, life sciences, forensics, food & beverage, manufacturing, petrochemical refineries and oil & gas, chemical, public health, and environmental.

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4000 Hollywood Boulevard , Suite 333 South Hollywood , FL 33021-6755 USA
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Shaping the entire product lifecycle

We're in the business of delivering quality results. Abbott Informatics supports the rapidly changing data management needs across your organization with our STARLIMS solution product suite. Our world-class Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and other informatics software solutions collect, handle, and interpret the data you need to get your products to market more quickly. 

Our solutions integrate with your current systems, and can rapidly be configured to fit your unique workflows without adding complexity or interrupting daily operations. 

Whether your mission is to discover a breakthrough drug or ensure safe toys get onto store shelves, STARLIMS provides valuable data and insights at every point of the process. With powerful data visualization features, our analytics tools empower you to make confident decisions about your organization’s operations. Let our LIMS revolutionize your product lifecycle so you can focus on delivering the quality products that your customers deserve.

Increase Quality Throughout

Your business depends on the quality of your products. And that starts with a strong foundation of quality in your LIMS. STARLIMS solutions provide labs with the data visualizations to identify bottlenecks, resolve quality control issues, and see trends and patterns instantaneously. React and resolve sample and product workflow issues quickly with little downtime. Be confident that you can get products to market faster without compromising quality and safety.

Abbott Informatics’ unparalleled investment in quality means that our current and prospective customers can rest assured that quality is our guiding principle.

Have Confidence in Results

When your products impact human lives each and every day, your organization’s reputation is on the line. STARLIMS offers solutions for every stage of the product lifecycle, with features designed to meet the regulatory standards of your industry and any other needed rigorous requirements. Abbott Informatics adheres to stringent legal, ethical, environmental, safety and quality standards. Our partnerships with industry professional organizations, government regulatory bodies, and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ensure our STARLIMS solutions exceed quality standards. 

A Total Solution Partner

When you choose to implement a STARLIMS solution, you choose to partner with Abbott Informatics, a dedicated team of global experts who have 30+ years of domain expertise. We’ll give you the tools and support to make sure your organization achieves quality results for years to come. 

Beyond lab data management, STARLIMS is a comprehensive solution that improves quality and safety throughout the entire product lifecycle. Configurable features help laboratories from sample intake to delivery of accurate results, driving smarter decision making for your business and customers throughout the entire process.