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  • Industrial Evaporators

    Industrial Evaporators

    A.B.E.’s industrial Zero Level Discharge (ZLD) products and solutions excel in energy efficiency and are environmentally friendly. A.B.E. applies its experience and extensive technological expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of fully integrated systems using the Best Available Technology to fit your economic envelopment. From our experience in the design and manufacturing of energy-efficient, environmental-friendly water and...

  • Mechanical Vapor Recompression

    Mechanical Vapor Recompression

    Mechanical Vapor Compression systems differs from reverse osmosis because of the ability to make clean water from saturated or even crystallizing brines with TDS up to 650,000 mg/L. Reverse osmosis system are usually used to make clean water from sources no higher in TDS than approximately 50,000 mg/L. For economic reasons, evaporators are seldom operated on low TDS water sources. Those applications are filled by A.B.E. reverse osmosis systems. The...

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

    Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

    We design, manufacure and service reverse osmosis systems (RO Systems) for use in specific applications.  Our product offering includes small pre-engineered industrial skidded designs to large flow or custom 2-pass reverse osmosis water systems.  Our designs are adjusted to suit customer requirements and feedwater conditions.

  • Nanofiltration Membrane Process

    Nanofiltration Membrane Process

    Nanofiltration is a pressure driven membrane process with performance characteristics between reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration. Nanofiltration membranes reject large molecules, and is an excellent energy savings process over reverse osmosis for purifying well water and surface water up to 2000 TDS where the high salt content is due to divalent ions.

  • Ultrafiltration Membrane System

    Ultrafiltration Membrane System

    Ultrafiltration is an excellent membrane technology for removing very fine particles, microorganisms and organics as small as 1000 molecular weight. Ultrafiltration is used for a pretreatment for reverse osmosis, as a oil/water separator, to remove organic contaminants and to provide high quality filtration for industrial applications. UF is a low pressure (5 - 150 psig) process for separating larger size solutes from aqueous solutions by means of a...

  • A.B.E BioFree - Ultra Filtration (UF) System

    A.B.E BioFree - Ultra Filtration (UF) System

    The A.B.E. BIOFREE UF system is a duplex water purification system containing two ultrafiltration modules capable of producing potable quality water from most surface and ground water supplies. The system is fully automatic and requires only a feed pump and simple piping connections. It is a self cleaning system that requires minimal maintenance. The system is capable of supplying up to 17.5 gallons ( 67 litres) per minute of fresh clean bacteria free...