ABO Wind Energías Renovables S.A.

With a yearly project volume of circa 200 million Euros, ABO Wind AG is one of Europe’s most successful developers of wind energy projects. We plan and build wind farms both domestically and internationally. We have a staff of more than 200 professionals located in Germany, Spain, France, Argentina, Belgium, Ireland, Great Britain and Bulgaria. Expansion into other European countries is scheduled.

Company details

Unter den Eichen 7 , Wiesbaden , Deutschland 65195 Germany

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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Energy - Renewable Energy
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for agricultural applications.
Please, visit their profile in agriculture-xprt.com for more info.

Wind Energy

ABO Wind initiates wind farm projects, acquires site locations, organizes all technical and business planning, arranges international bank financing and delivers turnkey wind farms. Up until now, ABO Wind has connected more than 313 wind energy turbines to power grids with a total capacity of 514 megawatts. (as of 1st Quarter 2012)


In the bioenergy sector, biogas plants are being planned and built.

Operational Management

In addition to managing its own projects developed after commissioning, ABO Wind takes on the commercial and technical management of wind farms on behalf of international operators.
ABO Wind manages 250 wind farms and 4 biogas plants.


ABO Wind offers investors solid investment opportunities in wind energy funds, wind farms and bioenergy projects. ABO Wind shares are traded off-market (OTC).

Mission and Vision
Environmental damages, accelerated climate change and military conflicts over scarce resources are the consequences of national economies, meeting their energy needs with conventional technologies. ABO Wind is one of the pioneers, who started in 1996 to work on reforming the energy sector. The wind farms we have erected so far prevent the emission of 600.000 tons of carbon dioxide each year. This considerable success is rather moderate, given the global threat of climate change and the, despite all the world-wide programs, continuous growth of CO² emission levels. Management and employees of ABO Wind are convinced that the efforts to reduce greenhouse gases still have to be considerably increased. We want to contribute to this effort.

According to our understanding of responsible business practices, economic success and ecological benefit are mutually dependant. Our team combines idealism with realism and know-how. We are market-oriented. Prudent mercantile behavior, accuracy in planning and ethical-ecological responsibility characterize ABO Wind. Our employees are highly motivated and qualified. They are working self-reliantly and keep the welfare of the company in mind.

For us, the maximization of profit is no end in itself. We pursue business models which are profitable and at the same time answer the goal of preventing further acceleration of climate change. Aside from wind power as our core business, we see the greatest potential for reaching this goal in the use of biomass energy.