Aboatox Oy

Aboatox Oy

Aboatox is a private company focused in developing measurement techniques for environmental monitoring. We do it because people need new methods, the development work is interesting and most of all, we can. Aboatox has developed and is the manufacturer for the Toxicity test based on Aliivibrio fischeri (Vibrio fischeri), the BioTox test which is performed according to the ISO Standard 11348-3. Our more automated and sophisticated test, The BioTox Flash test, is compatible with the International soma no prescription Standard ISO 21338.

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Leppäkuja 5 , MASKU , 21250 Finland
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Environmental Monitoring
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Internationally (various countries)
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Aboatox has developed a method to detect detergent residues from the food production surfaces, The Rapid Detergent Residue Test.

Aboatox is not manufacturing the luminometers. We can choose the best, cheapest or most convenient equipment for your purposes. You can purchase the systems locally or from Aboatox. If needed, we will come to give you the training and installation. Other companies offer what they have, we offer what you need.