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Abreu Advogados

The Abreu Advogados Practice Area of Public Law & Environmental Law, which includes lawyers with a strong experience and deep-knowledge of this area of practice offers its Clients the necessary legal advise covering administrative law and litigation, public tenders, environmental law and spatial planning law, real estate and urban planning, and energy and natural resources law.

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Av. das Forças Armadas, 125 - 12.º , Lisbon , 1600-079 Portugal

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Law firm
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Internationally (various countries)
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In 1993, when Abreu Advogados was created, we were 6 Lawyers. Today, we are 165 Lawyers in a Team of 240 Professionals and we continue to grow on a sustainable basis. We are an independent Law Firm that develops institutional relationships with several legal Associations and international Law Firms. At Abreu Advogados, we promote a policy of the 3Qs: Human Quality, Technical Quality and Organizational Quality. We have an active pro bono policy and we undertake a great number of initiatives on social responsibility issues.

Founded in 1993, Abreu Advogados is one of the most dynamic and recognised Law Firms in Portugal.

We believe that a Project can only be successful and satisfy the needs of its Clients, if it allies Ethics, Quality, Compliance and Technical Excellence. With 240 Professionals, 165 of which are Lawyers, Abreu Advogados was, for the third consecutive year, distinguished as one of the 'best companies to work for in Portugal' as a result of a detailed survey of the Portuguese Working environment conducted by Heidrick & Struggles and Exame Magazine. In 2008, the firm was distinguished as the best Portuguese Company to work for in Portugal.

In September 2001, Abreu Advogados certified its Quality Management System under the ISO 9001:2008 Norm. This Norm facilitated the adoption by Abreu Advogados of the sound managerial principles that have always guided its organizational model.

In 2006, Abreu Advogados was also awarded the Client Choice Award for Portugal, a distinction which is given by the International Law Office (ILO) exclusively to one Law Firm per Country.

Throughout the years Abreu Advogados has built its practice as an independent and innovative Law Firm and has affirmed its commitment to the quality of the services provided to its Clients and to an organization supported by a professional management team.

Abreu Advogados has 3 offices in Portugal and associations with Law Firms in Angola, Brazil, China (Macao) and partnerships with Mozambique and Timor-Leste (in Joint Venture).

Our Values
Excellence, Quality, Ethics, Compliance, Solidarity ...

At Abreu Advogados we pursue excellence and try to overcome the expectations of our Clients, by focusing on the provision of services with an effective added value.

Our Practice follows a strict Code of Ethics and our Lawyers are mutually dependent upon each other: they all share in the success (or unsuccess) of the Firm.

Any Lawyer can become a Partner and each Partner has one vote, the equity in the Firm being equally divided by all Equity Partners. We want Abreu Advogados to be an Institution that survives long after the departure of its founding Partners and of its existing Partners.

The personal and professional achievement of our Professionals and our investment in technology are our main priorities.

At Abreu Advogados, we take it as part of our obligations to build a socially responsible Law Firm, one which plays an active role in the development of a sustainable Society.