ABS Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited

The ABS-Oxygen Alleviating Medium reacts quickly (usually around 10 minutes) with H2S in biosolids, unlike the traditional oxidizing agents, its effect on H2S is not short lived. One of the reaction products of ABS-Oxygen Alleviating Medium decomposition is oxygen (O2). The addition of O2 provides by the ABS-Oxygen Alleviating Medium will maintain aerobic conditions in the biosolids, and suppress H2S regeneration for up to 10 hours. This extended effect allows the ABS-Oxygen Alleviating Medium to be added further upstream to destroy H2S (e.g., the head-works of the sewer transfer stations), and still maintain H2S control at the dewatering presses.

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Unit 19, 6/F 31-41 Shan Mei Street, Shatin , Hong Kong , 000000 China

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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)
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