ABSMaterials, Inc.

ABS Materials, Inc. provides innovative solutions for water treatment and other industrial applications. Our family of patented medias represents a new type of absorbent material that is transforming a variety of industries and offers cost-effective and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional technologies.

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1909 Old Mansfield Rd. , Wooster , Ohio 44691 USA

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Service provider
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Soil and Groundwater
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Internationally (various countries)
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ABS Materials, Inc. ('ABS') provides innovative solutions for water treatment and a wide variety of other applications. Our family of patented Osorb® medias represents a new type of absorbent material. Osorb® Media can absorb large amounts of organic compounds from water or air and has the ability to be regenerated, thus extending the useful life of the material. Founded initially on patented technology from the College of Wooster, additional developments have resulted in the ability to remove metals and other contaminants from water.

While the ABS sorbent technology has many applications, ABS is concentrating its efforts in the protection of what is quickly becoming the most valuable resource on earth, water. ABS is also focusing on specialty applications that make use of Osorb® media’s unique ability to be loaded with active ingredients and release these actives in a controlled fashion.

In water treatment, ABS first developed solutions to remove hydrocarbon contaminants from produced water in the Oil and Gasindustry. With grant support from the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Energy, the success of Osorb® technology in this specialized market led to the creation of a spin-off company, Produced Water Absorbents, now doing business as ProSep, which focuses on a number of Oil and Gas applications.

ABS has continued to develop solutions for other difficult problems associated with industrial wastewater. For example, our team of scientists and engineers have been developing specialized solutions for water treatment problems that are difficult or even impossible to address with conventional technologies.

Osorb® media is also used in all other stages of the water cycle. Our BioMax™ soil enhancer is used in green infrastructure projects to protect groundwater from a variety of contaminants typically found in stormwater runoff., like gasoline, oil, and heavy metals. BioMax™ soil enhancer can be incorporated into rain gardens, bioswales, tree box filters, and storm drain filters, as well as permeable pavements. Our EcoTreat™ injection media is designed to effectively remediate groundwater contamination in an environmentally friendly way. Finally, MicroSorb™ media has been developed to address the emerging problems facing our drinking water, such as algae toxins.

Based on requests from customers who have recognized the unique potential of Osorb® media in their specific markets, ABS has recently also developed specific variations of the Osorb® media for the personal care, household care, and other consumer goods markets. The capture of oil from skin and hair (sebum) and the long term controlled release of fragrances are only two examples of cosmetic applications, while storage and delivery of actives is another rapidly developing field of use.