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Absolute Instrument Systems

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Software by Svantek SP. Z O.O.

  • SVANTEK - Version SvanPC++ - Advanced supporting PC software

    SVANTEK - Version SvanPC++ - Advanced supporting PC software

    SvanPC++ is a new generation supporting software dedicated for SVANTEK measuring instruments including SV 10x, SVAN 95x and SVAN 97x series. Functionalities and extended capabilities implemented in this advanced application make each SVANTEK device an easy in use and complete measuring system. In order to give users the perfectly customized, powerful and sophisticated tool SvanPC++ software has been divided for several specialized...

Software by TSI Incorporated

  • Cleanroom Particle Counters

  • TSI - Version FMS - Facility Monitoring System

    TSI - Version FMS - Facility Monitoring System

    TSI's FMS system is an advanced, reliable, and user-friendly monitoring software suite that features a truly distributed architecture. High availability databases and hot standby system failover functionality assures compliance and peace of mind. Standard inputs include: airborne particle counters (multiple manufacturers supported), temperature/humidity, differential pressures, air velocity and digital inputs.

  • Exposure Monitoring

  • TRAKPRO Data Analysis Software

    TRAKPRO Data Analysis Software

    TRAKPRO™ Data Analysis Software is a Windows®-based software program that works with a variety of TSI data logging instruments. This unique software helps you pre-program instruments, store and organize your test data, and generate detailed graphs and reports needed to effectively communicate results.

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • LOGDAT Software

    LOGDAT Software

    The LogDat software transfers stored data to a computer spreadsheet program. It is necessary for downloading data from the following instruments: IAQ-CALC™ Indoor Air Quality Meter Models 8760 and 8762; TH-CALC™ Thermohygrometer Model 8722; VELOCICALC® Plus Multi-Parameter Ventilation Meter Models 8384(A), 8385(A), and 8386(A); ACCUBALANCE® Plus Air Capture Hood Models 8372 and 8373; VELOCICALC Rotating Vane Anemometer Model 8324; and DP-CALC™...

Software by Droplet Measurement Technologies (DMT)

  • MPL Software Suite

    MPL Software Suite

    The powerful MPL software suite is included with every purchase of a MPL or MiniMPL system and allows operation in data acquisition mode or playback mode.

Software by Ntek

  • Ntek - Version NK-A1BA - Building Acoustic Application

    Ntek - Version NK-A1BA - Building Acoustic Application

    NK-A1BA is the Ntek application for Rionote, which allows noise analysis for building acoustic. Depending by the type of the acquired measurement, the application can launch Rion program for RT function or for WR function. At the end of the measurements, the application returns a test report for building acoustic in conformity with standard UNI-EN ISO 16283 and UNI-EN ISO 140.