Commercial & industrial absolute ozone generators are the most intelligent choice. Absolute Ozone Generators are the most compact, offer highest ozone concentration up to 16-wt% for air-cooled ozone generators, at 20-100 PSIG working pressure. High ozone concentration of Absolute Ozone Generators allows to dissolved in water twice as much ozone as almost any competitor`s generator, from the same amount of ozone produced. It also uses only half the oxygen to produce as much ozone as almost any competitor. That makes Absolute Ozone Generators the most intelligent choice for any ozone application as it offers the best results and saves half the money. All Absolute Ozone Generators are manufactured in our production facility to a highest level of quality assurance, yielding unsurpassed reliability and functionality which we further back by a full 3 year warranty and `Right on Spec Warranty` Anticipated service life - 20 years without any service, maintenance or spare parts.

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10712 - 181 Street , Edmonton , Alberta T5S 1K8 Canada

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Monitoring and Testing - Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Absolute Systems Inc. has a significant experience in R&D, industrial mechanical and electronic design, motion and process control systems fabrication, robotics, high tech, high precision systems fabrication and assembly.

Since 1995 developed and produced whole range of high efficiency ozone generators under trade name Absolute Ozone. The Absolute Ozone Atlas Series ozone generator were developed and added to production line in 2004 on the bases of proprietary Microfluidic platform technology.

The Atlas, Titan and Magnum Ozone Generators have been successfully working all over the world in the countries like Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, England, Italy, Greece, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Thailand, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Columbia, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Indonesia and many others.

Since 1985, Absolute Systems Inc. was involved in projects, to name just a few such as:

  • Canada Arm Inertia Testing Device in weightlessness for Wardrop Engineering and Spar
  • High Efficiency CO2 laser manufacturing
  • Development and fabrication of 45 feet long 4 axis CNC system, fabrication of CNC XYZ- tables for PC board drilling and sign making applications
  • Design and Fabrication of computer controlled laser scanning systems
  • Manufactured 4 unique vacuum coating machines for internal 8” dia - 22’ long pipe coating for Sheritt Gordon, Ethylene cracking application
  • Designed and Fabricated Internal Gun barrel coating systems for US Navy; Design and Manufactured Gyro stabilized platforms for helicopter surveying
  • Design and Fabricated 1400 feet long, material handling facilities for Oil Field Sucker Rod Plant, including fabrication of storage reels, automated material transport system, automated hydraulic sorting machines
  • Design Automated External Pipe Coating System for National Oilwell
  • Design and Fabricated Automated Gamma Ray Densitometers for particle board manufacturers in Canada, Germany, Finland, Portugal
  • Fabricated numerous electromechanical sensors and electro optical instruments
  • Manufactured magnetron plasma reaction chambers for various applications
  • Designed and Fabrication a variety of highly specialized electrical and electronic enclosures

Financially the above projects range from few hundred to up to $2 million. We work diligently on any project irrespective of its size, striving to understand client’s needs and satisfy one’s requirements. Our management stuff has engineering background and hands on practical experience in mechanical and electronic fabricating. Realizing the challenges of modern market we keep our prices competitive and timing of orders comfortable for out clients. Should you feel that you could benefit from use of our expertise, we will be happy to provide our services to you.

Quality, Performance and Reliability Backed By a 5 Year Warranty
5 Years Parts and Labour Warranty + The Only Performance Guarantee in the Industry*. We are confident that Absolute Ozone generators will provide great performance and reliability for many years of service saving you money on repairs and downtime.

No Maintenance and No Serviceable Parts
All parts and components used in Absolute Ozone generators have a service life of 15-20 years and do not require any repairs or replacements, saving substantial amount of money over that period of time and offering the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in the industry. Leak proof construction tested at up to 150 PSIG, corrosion resistant stainless steel or aluminum enclosure, highest quality components and materials used, farther enhance reliability. Result: No downtime, No hidden costs.

Saves You More Than Half The Money On Any Ozone Treatment Application
Absolute Ozone Generators produce ozone at unsurpassed by others high concentrations. Laws of physics dictate that maximum amount of ozone dissolved in the water is proportional to ozone concentration produced by the generator. Therefore, a 30g/h Absolute Ozone Generator will dissolve more Ozone in the water, providing better disinfection then similar 60g/h Ozone Generator produced by most competitors, saving customer as much as $12,000 dollars on the price of the ozone system, even of such a small scale.

Low Oxygen Requirement - Highest Ozone Concentration Over 22% by Weight
It is obvious that higher concentration of ozone in oxygen mixture produced by Absolute Ozone generators, means that much less oxygen is required, in order to have equal amount of ozone delivered. I.e. Atlas 30 requires only 4 SLPM (Standard Litres Per Minute) to produce 30g/h of ozone (not 9-14 SLPM, common in the industry today). When operating Absolute Ozone Generators you may need to purchase only 1 Oxygen concentrator instead of 2 or even 4 required by competitor's Generators.

High Pressure Available
Working pressure from 20-80 PSIG , save on ozone booster & its maintenance. 20-80 PSIG variable pressure models are available now. Ideal for soil remediation applications or where steady oxygen pressure is unachievable.

Module Construction
Expandable to 5kg/h (263ppd) and up

Air Cooled
No need to pay for expensive cooling water, water conditioning & water cooling systems

Most Compact In the Industry
Absolute Ozone Generators ranging in production from 30 to 100 g/h of ozone have dimensions of 14” x 15”x 7” Only! - saves valuable space and money on shipping.

Light Weight
26 lb Ideal for mobile systems, carts & saves money on shipping.

Free Hands-On Technical Support
Our Knowledgeable engineers will assist with:

  • Sizing and Selecting correct ozone generator
  • Setting up an ozone pilot system and/or conseptual design of the ozone system for your application
  • Designing an effective ozone system for your Ozone application
  • Installation, operation and optimization of the ozone generating system.

Here is something that is going to shock you a bit. A while ago, I received a call from Bob, an engineer responsible for water treatment and disinfection at a large industrial plant. He was horrified, as he just purchased two 60 g/h ozone generators for $15,000 from an ozone generator manufacturer and they did not perform as they were advertised.  

He had done everything he was advised to do by the manufacturer’s specialist, but after running his ozone system for more than an hour, he was absolutely confounded by the disturbing fact that he had only 18 grams of ozone dissolved in water out of 120 grams produced.

I told Bob, that it is not his fault and there is nothing wrong with his system. The problem was in fact his ozone generators, which were producing a respectful amount  of ozone but at an extremely low ozone concentration level that was not suitable for water treatment. 

I had explained to Bob the connection between ozone concentration and the amount of dissolved ozone in water.

We had replaced his two 60 g/h low concentration ozone generators with one high concentration 30 g/h generator, following my advice, which in conclusion illustrated the point effectively. His system had successfully dissolved 24 g of ozone into the water - 4 times more ozone for a quarter of the price!

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