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  • Ventilation System

    Ventilation System

    HUMIAIR offers effective, turnkey solutions with regard to ventilation for office/factory. With a strong engineering and design set up and efficient project management, we provide quality services and support to ensure that you have a reliable and efficient system commissioned on time. We provide General/Forced Draft Ventilation System Pressurization System Balanced Ventilation System HUMIAIR Misting

  • Spray Paint Booth

    Spray Paint Booth

    Spray Painting Booths are made in panel construction thus easy to assemble to maintain. HUMIAIR has got a wide range of Spray Painting Booths such as table top, with pump/ without pumps, dry type, down draft and nonstandard application.

  • Industrial Blowers

    Industrial Blowers

    The ACFC series Centrifugal Blowers (Forward Curved) consist of Double Inlet Double Width (DIDW) centrifugal fans. The ACFC series available in Fan size: 500 to 1120 volume : 1000 to 100000m³/h Total Pressure: 100 Pa to 1600 Pa The ACBCD series Centrifugal Blowers are of Double Inlet Double Width construction. Available Sizes: The ACBC Series is available in wheel size 500 mm to 1400mm diameters.

  • Spot Humidifier

    Spot Humidifier

    ‘HUMIDAIR’ (Spot Humidifier) with high efficiency evaporation, effective mist dispersal, completely self contained, water atomizer, air distributor are designed for minimum maintenance and very low operating cost. Generally used in Homes, Offices, Hotel Rooms, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Tea Processing, Tobacco Processing and other industries. Outstanding Features: * High efficiency evaporation * Designed for minimum maintenance *...



    We are also one of the few acclaimed names to offer axial flow fan through which the air of gas flows parallel to the impeller axis. Available in various types, our Axial Flow Fan covers a wide range of quantities and pressures. They are widely used in industry for providing general ventilation, fume exhaust and removal of hot spots and as roof extractor. Designed for an optimum relation between air quantity, pressure and power consumption, these ACA...

  • Air Washer

    Air Washer

    HUMIAIR manufactures state of the art, highly reliable, low maintenance, energy conserving Air Washer/ Air Cooling System in various capacities. The new, innovative designs guarantee predictable performance, long life expectancy and near zero maintenance. These units are available form 5000 CFM to 75000 CFM E-mail-info@humiair.com

  • Dust Collectors

    Dust Collectors

    After having earned a recognition as the leading player in engineering, fabrication and installation of high-performance, custom-designed dust collection equipment and systems, we also offer dust collector. Ideally suited for fine and light dust applications, this product is completely self-contained heavy-duty cartridge collector. Easy to operate and durable in nature, they require less maintenance.

  • Cellulose Pads

    Cellulose Pads

    Apart from manufacturing the fans for various applications, we are one of the few leading names to offer Cellulose Pads. We offer various types of cellulose pads like Evaporative Cooling Pad (ECP). Made of cellulose paper, this product is engineered from cross-sectional, specially treated flute media capable of absorbing and retaining water to provide the maximum cooling efficiencies. The cellulose media is treated with stiffening and wetting agents to...