ACC Environmental Consultants, Inc.

ACC Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Over the past 20 years, ACC has managed the removal of underground storage tanks and associated contamination at hundreds of sites throughout Northern California.Tank Assessments and Soil Sampling Current regulations require underground storage tanks that do not meet current requirements to be removed and any associated contamination exceeding regulatory levels to be cleaned up.ACC performs geophysical surveys and records searches to identify the locations of underground tanks. We also perform sampling of the surrounding soil.

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7977 Capwell Drive, Suite 100 , Oakland , California 94621 USA


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ACC Environmental Consultants (ACC) is an employee-owned California based firm dedicated to helping our clients create healthier indoor environments and ensure hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead-based paint are properly managed. We also assist our clients in managing cleanup of soil and groundwater contamination and reducing their consumption of energy and non-renewable resources.

ACC provides its services throughout the state of California from our offices located in Oakland and Los Angeles.

ACC’s staff includes: Professional Engineers, Registered Geologists, Registered Environmental Assessors, Industrial Hygienists, Indoor Air Quality Specialists, Certified Asbestos Consultants, Certified Lead-Based Paint Professionals, Certified Hazardous Materials Managers, and Software Developers

Environmental Services

ACC provides a wide range of environmental consulting and compliance management services including:

  •     Asbestos Surveys & Abatement Management
  •     Lead-based Paint Surveys & Abatement Management
  •     Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & Mold Investigations & Abatement Management
  •     Health & Safety Training on Asbestos, Lead & IAQ
  •     Asbestos & Lead Management Programs
  •     Compliance & Data Management Software & Services
  •     Environmental Site Assessments
  •     Underground Storage Tank Investigations & Removal Management
  •     Soil & Groundwater Sampling & Remediation Management

Environmental Data Management
A service provided to our clients is our document and data hosting service. ACC clients wishing to use this system are provided password protected access to environmental information for each of their buildings via the Client Center page. This system enables our clients to easily access and manage their environmental reports via the Internet.

Clients can access their documents and survey data from any computer with an Internet connection. ACC provides this service because it is important for our clients to retain this information for compliance and risk management purposes. Access to the information helps ensure materials are not inadvertently disturbed. The information can also help defend the client in litigation that may be brought by employees, tenants and construction workers who claim exposure to hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead and mold in their buildings.

ADAM and SMART Environmental Health and Safety Software
ACC also develops software through our sister company EcoLogic Systems. Software can be installed on a server or standalone PC to manage building survey data and employee environmental health and safety records in-house.

Our ADAM system is used by property owners, property managers, major corporations, government agencies, schools and colleges to manage asbestos, lead-based paint, chemical inventories and indoor air quality data information.

Our SMART system is used to manage OSHA required employee health and safety records for training and certifications, industrial hygiene samples, medical surveillance information and personal protective equipment.

To assist our clients in implementing our systems, ACC provides:

  •     On-site training and installation
  •     Building surveys to collect data
  •     Import of data from existing systems
  •     Data entry of hard copy reports
  •     Program customization

Environmental Sustainability
As and environmental consulting firm, ACC is dedicated to complying with environmental laws and regulations while exceeding project specific requirements set forth by our customers. In each project, ACC collects data electronically to reduce paper output. ACC submits electronic copies of all project documents and only prints out hard copies per the clients’ request.

Environmental sensitivity is a key component of our everyday practices. ACC’s headquarters, located in Oakland, CA, is certified by the County of Alameda as a Green Business. Beyond helping the environment, being certified by the county improves employee morale, health and productivity while increasing our efficiency and strengthening the bottom line.

Some of the general practices ACC follows include:

  •     Use of hybrid company vehicles
  •     Providing training manuals on CD or DVD
  •     Use of recycled paper & double-side printing
  •     Tracking water and energy use and solid and hazardous waste generation
  •     Adopted a written environmental preferable purchasing policy
  •     Established a ‘green team’ that can help guide efforts to keep our company green
  •     Inform our customers about our green efforts to meet the Green Business Standards
  •     Assist other business in learning about the Green Business Program and encourage them to enroll