Accuvio a privately owned Sustainability & Energy Data Software Solutions Company which was founded in 2009. Its focus is to provide innovative class leading Greenhouse Gas, Sustainability and Energy Reporting solutions to multi-national and public sector organisations around the world. Accuvio is a leader in powerful, innovative, easy to use and Global Sustainability Reporting & Energy Solutions. With over 240 companies already using Accuvio, our experience should be your asset in making Sustainability Reporting easy.

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1st Floor, 55 Old Broad Street, , London , EC2M 1RX United Kingdom

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Business Type:
Software vendor
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Environmental - Environmental Data and IT Systems
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Accuvio draws its strength from its purpose built software platform which allows for incredible flexibility and customisation to suit clients of all sizes and industry sectors. With a dedicated in-house  software development team who truly understand the Sustainability and Energy space, Accuvio’s track record and ability to deliver on time bespoke software customisations is second to none.

Accuvio was originally called ManageCO2, however in May 2014 it was rebranded to Accuvio in recognition of its expanding product offering which was no longer just CO2/carbon related and its growing international presence. It was felt that the name Accuvio derived from the merger of “Accuracy” “Accredited” and a Spanish take on “To Visualise” was a name that better represented its international and expanding ambitions.

Approximately 75% of Accuvio’s customers are in the United Kingdom, 10% in Ireland, 10% in Australia, and 5% others including USA and Canada. Our client base spans public sector organisations, from councils, Cities, Universities, including the UK Met Office and the Irish Environmental Protection Agency. Corporate GHG & Energy reporting for private organisations at a global level including Banks, Manufacturers, Logistics, Services companies with internationally known brands such as B&Q, Brother, Next plc, Emerson plc, DCC plc, Scottish Power, Sage, Babcock International Group plc, and many more.

Your Sustainability & Energy Reporting Technology Partner

Accuvio’s operating values and ethos is to always approach change with a “can-do, will-do” attitude when it comes to our client’s evolving needs.

We engage our clients in a collaborative partnership approach, whereby we help them to identify the key challenges, leverage our vast experience of dealing with such challenges in this sector to suggest solutions and alternatives which may benefit the client greatly. Our relaxed and helpful approach to our clients and prospective clients endears us to our associates, and our customer satisfaction rating across our user base of 4.5 stars out of 5 since 2009 speaks for itself.

We love hearing from companies with unique challenges where Accuvio can help, so feel free to get in touch or pop by for a coffee to discuss your requirements.

  • Honesty & Transparency
    Build Open and Honest Relationships
  • Progressive Change and Continuous Improvement
    Always listen. Always learn. Always observe. Always act.
  • Exceptional Customer Experience
    From first interaction to every support request, go above customer expectations.
  • Simplify, Simplify, Simplify
    Ask yourself, can I make this simpler? Is there a more efficient solution?
  • 'Can Do - Will Do'
    Greet every challenge with a positive “can do, will do” attitude.

Accuvio approaches Energy & Sustainability Reporting differently – We make the entire process easier with a modern software solution….Much easier.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Accuvio

  1. Its Really Easy to Use
    The Accuvio software is exceptionally easy to use. So much so that training is often not required. Request a live demonstration or ask for a trial and see for yourself. “The Accuvio system stood out from the rest as a modern, purpose built solution which was very powerful but also surprisingly easy to use.”
  2. It collects and cleans your data
    While other vendors provide software which creates the required reports, the responsibility for identifying and repairing erroneous or incomplete data rests with you the client. The Accuvio platform uses a set of sophisticated algorithms to identify, isolate, and repair erroneous or incomplete data while maintaining 100% trace ability, transparency and audit ability.
  3. It saves you lots of time and money
    No need for multiple systems, or multiple instances of the same software around the world. Accuvio collates data from multiple stakeholders, systems, and suppliers from around the world and then harmonises and normalises the data in one single platform, allowing you to collect once, re-use many times.
  4. Its Reliable
    While most solution providers have teams of 40 or 50 people off-shore processing your data overnight, unfortunately when human effort is involved on large volumes of data, errors and inconsistencies are inevitable. The Accuvio system does this hard work in real-time through its innovative set of algorithms and powerful data processing infrastructure returning the cost savings to you.
  5. Its Flexible & Future Proof
    Don’t get stuck with a static solution. With Accuvio’s flexible business model, you can start off slow and add modules as your needs expand. With easy to use administration wizards, customisable reports, and dedicated in-house software development team the Accuvio solution meets all your needs for today and tomorrow.