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  • Water Treatment

  • ACON - Containerized Seawater Desalination Plant

    ACON - Containerized Seawater Desalination Plant

    Raw water with a TDS of up to 40.000 ppm serves as a raw water source for the desali- nation plant. For prevention of accumu- lation, suspended solids on the membrane surface the raw water is filtered over a fine filter. This pretreatment measure guarantees that no solids interfere with the desalination process.

  • ACON - Biofiltration Waste Water Unit

    ACON - Biofiltration Waste Water Unit

    Where conventional purification systems fail, bio-filtration comes to the fore. When there is a lack of space and a constricted area, when the sewage situation is complicated or when an existing plant is under recon- struction, bio-filtration is the ideal and most economic procedure for the primary as well as the secondary purification of water.

  • ACON - Ultrafiltration Unit

    ACON - Ultrafiltration Unit

    for the production of drinking water out of surface water. Our transportable ultrafiltration unit cleans up to 2500 m3 surface water per day. This can provide up to 15.000 persons to cover their requirement from freshwater. The ultrafiltration unit is modular and transportable in 20″ and 40″-containers. The unit completely preinstalled and ready to operate. It is simple to handle. The unit capacity can vary due to un- steady inflow...