As a leading solution provider and manufacturer of noise attenuation materials, Acoustiblok offers the full range of services and products to solve noise and vibration issues, including problem identification, acoustical testing, design, engineering, installation support and post-installation testing to ensure that our materials are properly implemented and noise control objectives are achieved.The newest technology that we currently use is an “acoustical real-time video imaging system”. The ARTVIS allows us to “see” sound in real-time (as you would “see” thermal contours with an infrared camera). Acoustiblok is now pioneering the use of the ARTVIS systems with great success both in the United States and internationally on many projects involving industrial noise and power plant noise. Acoustiblok is a company that has been providing engineered sound proofing solutions to customers around the world for over a decade.

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It also helps in revealing modal transitions of resonance in buildings and structures that a standard spectrum analyzer does not reveal. Acoustical data collection and assessment which in the past may have taken hundreds of hours to compile, and even then being largely conjecture, can now be visually observed and measured with a significantly higher degree of confidence within hours.

Although a bit expensive (just under $200,000), this system provides us with an extremely powerful capability to immediately address noise problems with a very high degree of confidence, thus saving an incalculable amount of time and money.

In a recent effort, residents of a surrounding community were complaining about noise from three diesel power plants within 1000 feet of each other.
Driveability Test Facility

The objective of this effort was to conduct an acoustical survey of equipment at the Driveability Test Facility (DTF). A sound level meter and an acoustical camera were used, which was capable of identifying the source, direction, frequency content and magnitude of noise from the equipment. Potential sources for high noise levels were identified and practical solutions were recommended to attenuate this noise. Although this effort was focused on measuring the high noise levels on chiller units in three areas within the facility (nodes 6, 7 & 8), other areas and equipment were measured and evaluated.

UW Madison

The objective of this effort was to conduct acoustical tests of the Goulds Pumps located at the University of Wisconsin (UW) Walnut Street Heating Plant in Madison, Wisconsin. A sound level meter and an acoustical camera were used, which is capable of determining the source, direction, frequency content and magnitude of the sound from the pumps.

Previous acoustical noise surveys at the UW Walnut Street Heating Plant have identified high noise levels from the two Goulds pumps installed in the facility. These pumps, designated CWP-1 and CTP-1, were found to have sound levels of more than 95 dBa, which is 10dB higher than the maximum allowable sound level of 85dBa. Attempts to reduce the pump noise levels using sound attenuation shrouds that were constructed from MDF and fiberglass sound absorption materials were not successful. As a leading supplier of state-of-the-art sound attenuation materials, Acoustiblok was consulted to identify the specific sources of the noise and recommend practical solutions for reducing this noise to within acceptable limits.