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Acrion Technologies, Inc.

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  • Acrion - CO2 Wash

    Acrion - CO2 Wash

    Acrion markets CO2 Wash® design and development services for the production of green fuels and chemicals from landfill gas. A major barrier to widespread commercial utilization of landfill gas (LFG) is reliable, economic removal of contaminants. A stream of contaminant-free methane and CO2 is produced by CO2 Wash®. Contaminants are concentrated in a separate small stream of CO2 for...

  • LFG Utilization with CO2 Wash

    LFG Utilization with CO2 Wash

    Landfill gas (LFG), comprised of methane and carbon dioxide in roughly equal proportions along with myriad trace contaminants, is now a largely wasted resource that could provide significant supplemental energy and CO2 for local markets. Since LFG has both explosive and toxic properties which must be mitigated at the landfill site, most installed LFG technology is collection and control oriented, and addresses safety and...