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The ACTA Recycling machines were originally developed in Sweden under the name Norba Bale Opener and Norba Crusher. In the late 1990s all activities were moved to Odense in Demark where the production and headquarter are located. At the same time the machines were redesigned and further developed to become the well-known ACTA Crusher/bale opener which is sold all over the world. In 2002 the company ACTA Recycling A/S was established and the new ACTA recycling machines were successfully introduced to an expanding waste management and recycling market. Ongoing research and development lead to new designs to serve market and industry demand. Although the ACTA Recycling machines are constantly being improved the basic design and idea remain the same.

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Lundagervej 100 B , Hedensted , DK-8722 Denmark

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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ACTA Recycling is a global supplier of recycling machines for processing of gypsum, insulation materials, wood waste, household waste, paper, pet bottles and many other forms of scrap. Our versatile machines can be used either as a crusher or a bale opener, and are produced locally in Denmark.

Since 1976 we have produced more than 200 machines that have been delivered to customers in Europe, Asia, Australia, United States, and the Middle East.

A key interest for us is to serve waste management and recycling industries with a robust and highly reliable machine that is capable of reducing various materials into smaller and more uniform sizes for further processing. Reducing the size of the processed material makes it easier for transport and reduces the overall recycling costs.


ACTA Recycling machines are produced locally and through our quality management system we oversee the production of each component of our systems. The use of high-tech machine tools ensures both efficiency and front edge quality. Through local production of all components we secure rapid deliveries and have total control of how our parts are made, ensuring ACTA Recycling unmatched quality.

Our engineers who service our machines are involved in the production process and help our customers to install and start-up.

In summary, as a modern production unit we demonstrate high flexibility and are happy to adapt our systems to the specifications and requirements of our clients.


Since 1976 we have produced more than 200 Acta/Norba machines that have been delivered to customers in Europe, Asia, Australia, United States, and the Middle East.