Actio Corporation - part of Enviance

Actio Corporation - part of Enviance

Enviance`s Actio Family of products includes; SDS Vault, Gatekeeper, and Regulator. Please look us up under Envaince for more details.

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30 International Drive, Suites 201-203 , Portsmouth , NH 03801 USA
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Software vendor
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Health and Safety Regulations and Compliance
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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Actio's Material Disclosure is software leading companies use to collect information from suppliers for regulatory assesment, risk management, and compliance with international requirements under SEC conflict mineral ruling, EPA, GHS, Europe's REACH and RoHS, even IPC standards and hundreds of others worldwide.

Whether you are challenged with having the latest Material Safety Data Sheet at workers’ fingertips to satisfy Environmental Health and Safety regulations or unsure if your potential blockbuster new product will be REACH-compliant to ship into Europe, Actio Corporation has the solution. Actio provides companies with on-demand, centralized supply chain and product information about product ingredients and raw materials, from BOM and formula down to the chemical-substance level.  Read more about Actio's market leading environmental compliance solutions here.

Actio is one of America's fastest growing private companies (source: Inc. Magazine's 2010 500/0 list). Contact our Business Development office to find out why— discover how Actio can help you reach your goals.

Actio was founded in 1996 and now has a proven software solution in daily operation in over 35 countries. Actio has a successful track record delivering a consistent return on investment for more than 250 customers, including dozens in the Global 1000.

Actio solutions are architected from the ground up with a unique relational database structure that manages regulatory information, substance data, and supplier content in a single platform. The groundbreaking automated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) supply chain materials information management solution creates a single source of accurate substance data that you can use in multiple ways, from risk management to environmental management to compliance with OSHA. The Actio platform also provides a collaborative infrastructure where suppliers, internal stakeholders and customers share permissioned data and reports to quickly adapt and react to current global market conditions.

Actio's solutions are— and have always been— platform agnostic, meaning Actio products work with all ERP systems such as SAP, all portals such as SharePoint, all databases, app servers and other software— but Actio solutions are not dependent on one particular brand or type.  SaaS software is quick to implement or 'turn on,' and requires none of the maintenance costs of an internal IT department.

21st Century Manufacturing
Quality Assurance, adaptability and agility in today's increasingly complex and globally-regulated supply network enables Actio customers to improve profitability.  Specifically, profitability is improved by:

  • immediately recognizing and responding to global regulatory issues
  • improving globalization of new products
  • executing faster time to market
  • avoiding compliance fines and brand damage resulting from product recalls
  • designing eco-friendly products
  • optimizing lean manufacturing
  • executing green, sustainable business practices
  • mitigating risk across the supply chain
  • putting the right MSDS or extended-SDS in the right hands 24/7 from any time zone
  • connecting MSDS data with new material approvals for streamlined operations
  • connecting MSDS data with legacy ERP data in real time for streamlined operations

With large manufacturers sourcing materials from all over the world while simultaneously trying to tap new markets and ship finished goods into more countries, globalization is here to stay. A globalized supply chain brings a wealth of new opportunities, as well as a high degree of risk, uncertainty and complexity – exacerbated by an increasingly globally regulated landscape littered with stringent, ever-changing compliance regulations – with multiple millions of dollars and corporate reputations at stake.

Manufacturers who lack systems and processes for the efficient globalization of products and meeting global compliance regulations waste significant time and money bringing products to market and also risk severe damage to product brand and corporate reputation, as well as large fines.