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  • Wastewater

  • MEMTREAT - Membrane Bioreactor

    MEMTREAT - Membrane Bioreactor

    A Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) is an advanced treatment process providing a high quality treated effluent with a small footprint. It has the advantage of not requiring primary and secondary clarification stages or tertiary treatment processes and the further benefit of producing less sludge than a conventional secondary treatment processes.

  • Amtreat - High-Rate Ammonia Removal

    Amtreat - High-Rate Ammonia Removal

    The Amtreat® Process is a registered design for a high-rate activated sludge process specifically for treating high-strength ammonia wastewaters. These high strength ammonia wastewaters are typically generated from sludge treatment processes (e.g. digester liquors, centrifuge liquors and dryer liquors) or industrial processes (e.g. chemical manufacture).

  • Scrubber Effluent Treatment Plant

    Scrubber Effluent Treatment Plant

    A Scrubber Effluent Treatment Plant (SET Plant) treats the effluent produced by a Scrubber that cleans up flue gas from an incinerator.