ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC

ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC

ADA Carbon Solutions was originally formed in 2008 in anticipation of the need for mercury removal. From 2008 – 2010 ADA Carbon Solutions designed and built the largest, most automated and most environmentally friendly activated carbon plant focused on products that are optimized for mercury capture in North America. In addition we developed our own dedicated raw material, the Five Forks Mine, located a close proximity to our plant. ADA Carbon Solutions today has established itself as a leading provider of activated carbon products optimized for performance in emission control applications. Our extensive research and development and continued expertise in mercury control provides our customers a greater degree of confidence and peace of mind as they develop their compliance strategies. This is best represented through our Mission Statement.

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Air Pollution Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)
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Industry-leading expertise backed by reliable, state-of-the-art assets focused on achieving optimal mercury compliance with powdered activated carbon.

We commit our unique expertise and dedicated assets to delivering superior emissions solutions and providing our customers with Reliability and Peace of Mind.

Today ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC is wholly owned by Energy Capital Partners (ECP). With over $7 billion in equity and mezzanine fund commitments under management, ECP invests in assets and businesses primarily in the following sectors:

  • Power generation, including renewable energy facilities
  • Electric transmission
  • Midstream gas, including gas storage, pipelines and other related assets
  • Other infrastructure assets such as coal transportation, handling and reserves, and energy service companies.

Reliability is of paramount importance for our customers. At ADA Carbon Solutions we have taken this concern very seriously and made strategic investments to ensure it. Our assets and organizational capability were designed to manufacture activated carbon specifically tailored for superior, consistent and reliable performance in flue gas mercury control applications.

Most activated carbon producers serve many different markets and by definition their assets need to be more flexible. This presents a challenge to achieve optimal performance in any specific application. At ADA Carbon Solutions our assets are designed with one purpose in mind… to make the best activated carbon products for mercury removal and to provide them at the highest standards for consistency and reliability.

Domestic, Committed Manufacturing

Our flagship facility in Red River Parish, LA is the largest, most automated and environmentally friendly powdered activated carbon manufacturing facility in North America. We only make virgin powdered activated carbon and production is backed by comprehensive quality control and continuous improvement programs.

Vertical Integration Into Raw Material Supply

Recognizing the critical importance of a reliable, consistent source of raw material, we developed our own coal mine. Five Forks Mine was specifically chosen because it provides a long term, reliable supply of lignite coal that is ideally suited to make activated carbon that is optimal for mercury removal. This strategic investment affords ADA Carbon Solutions unparalleled supply chain reliability and helps us to control costs long term.

Supply Chain Focused

Our custom processing facility in Natchitoches, LA allows us to address opportunities that require a more customized solution. Some circumstances call for a solution that is tailored to meet a unique set of needs. In our facility in Natchitoches, we can custom formulate products to meet those needs and provide the product in different packages.

Understanding that consistent performance relies on a dependable delivery system, ADA Carbon Solutions has invested in our own trailers and rail cars. These delivery mechanisms are dedicated to virgin powdered activated carbon, limiting the possibility of cross-contamination. All of our drivers are trained on the protocols of our customers ensuring safe, efficient and clean delivery. In addition, we have developed various strategically positioned transload stations positioned throughout North America. These stations allow us to store inventory closer to the end consumer further improving reliability and reducing cost.

Dedicated Customer Service

It is our objective to be considered your partner of choice for powdered activated carbon. We value our relationships with our clients and in addition to responsive technical and sales professionals who will work one on one with you, we have a dedicated customer service department where each customer has an assigned representative. This way, your representative becomes attuned to your specific needs and requirements and can effectively address them.

This table illustrates the increased mercury adsorption of our FastPACTM Premium product compared to PowerPAC PremiumTM and an ADA Carbon Solutions developmental product in a test at a coal-fired utility. Actual performance may vary based on a variety of factors.

Compliance Is Our Market Focus

For many producers of activated carbon the mercury control market is one of several competing priorities. For ADA Carbon Solutions this is our core strategic imperative. We are focused on being recognized as the industry leader in powdered activated carbon for mercury removal. As a result, our organization, expertise and assets were developed with this specific purpose in mind.

Emission Control Expertise

Our key expertise is in understanding plant operations and how to integrate and optimize mercury (and multi-pollutant) control. At ADA Carbon Solutions, our heritage is emission control for coal-fired boilers. Each emissions control challenge is unique in many ways. We focus on your unit and your needs to formulate the best strategy for reliable compliance.

Research and Development

We constantly drive to create new products that improve performance, reduce PAC consumption, and address challenging flue gas conditions. Already, we have introduced several new products, with each one addressing a particular need and providing superior value for the customer. Our research and development group is continuing to grow and drive innovation.

ADA Carbon Solutions invests more per dollar of revenue in technology development specific to mercury removal than any of our major competitors. New products and processes are rooted in advancing deep fundamental activated carbon science and technology. The availability to you of these advanced products and our industry-leading emission expertise helps each customer to achieve the optimal emissions control solution.


We are always optimizing our plants’ production to meet your needs. Our focus is on mercury control. We integrate our activated carbon know-how into plant operations and drive consistent quality and continuous improvement. You can count on our state-of-the-art production facility for reliable supply of powdered activated carbon that leads the industry for mercury capture About Us.

Our Solutions Help You Meet Compliance Standards

At ADA Carbon Solutions MATS Compliance is at the center of our entire company. We take this industry very seriously and we make strategic investments and decisions to ensure we are the best option in the industry. Our assets and organizational capability were designed to manufacture activated carbon specifically tailored for superior, consistent and reliable performance in flue gas mercury control applications.

Effective operation of coal fired boilers presents many variables and challenges. Developing an effective compliance strategy – one that is both reliable and cost effective – needs to consider all of the potential variables and the impact a change in one may have on the other.

ADA Carbon Solutions’ got it’s start by focusing on emission control and therefore we approach each problem with a deep appreciation and understanding of these variables.

We Have Answers To Your Most Important Compliance Questions

When considering alternative powdered activated carbon suppliers for emission control many companies have asked themselves questions like:

  • Which company has the greatest expertise in emission control?
  • Who is most focused on addressing my needs?
  • Who has the best technology today and is most likely to have it in the future?
  • Who do I want to be my partner to achieve the optimal long term mercury control solution for my plant?

Activated carbon is designed specifically to act as a filter and removal tool in industrial uses. It’s an extremely useful product for coal-fired power plants, industrial boilers, and waste combustors who are required by the EPA Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) to remove mercury from the emissions from their plants.

At ADA Carbon Solutions, we pride ourselves on manufacturing activated carbon products that are specifically engineered for companies who need to remove mercury from their emissions. We have one of the most reliable supply chains in the world, and we focus on a constant drive for innovation in our products and their performance in our customer’s applications.

Driving the Critical Aspects of Activated Carbon to Optimize Performance in Your Emission Train

Our research and development program has resulted in a step change in mercury control capability for our customers.  Our newest developments focus on the fundamentals of activated carbon properties and emissions control systems. Three key parameters have to be optimized for effective mercury capture.  At ADA Carbon Solutions we apply our unique expertise in emission control with a deep understanding of the critical aspects of activated carbon to tune our processes so that these three parameters are optimized.

Contact: Particles and their distribution in your emission control system provide the appropriate degree of contact with trace levels of mercury to enable surface chemistry, pores and surface area to do their job.

Conversion: Oxidation of elemental mercury is key to enhancing the receptivity of mercury by activated carbon.

Capture: The activated carbon ultimately must be designed to enable secure capture of the mercury molecule to remove it from the gas phase.

ADA Carbon Solutions has taken a comprehensive approach to ensuring supply chain security and efficiency. Our objective is to ensure that product quality, raw material availability and delivery to our customer is reliable and consistent. In addition, we have developed a delivery system to customers that aims to provide this reliability at the lowest available cost.

We’re Committed To The Most Reliable and Consistent Supply In The Industry

We know that you can’t risk even small changes in the consistency and performance of your activated carbon supply. Our focus is on being the most reliable and cost effective supplier for your emissions compliance strategy. This focus has led us to develop an industry leading strategy to achieve excellence in our supply chain:

  • Committed fleet of rail cars and pneumatic trailers assures no cross contamination
  • Experienced drivers trained on the protocols of our customers ensuring safe, efficient and clean delivery
  • Proven track record for on time/in full deliveries
  • Flexibility to offer multiple delivery options to minimize freight costs through utilization of multiple facilities and assets
  • Supply chain assets and processes designed to be nimble and flexible allowing fast response times
  • Current excess production capacity and local domestic feed stock (Lignite) allows us to be responsive to increased demand
  • Dedicated Customer Service representative with authority to resolve issues

At ADA Carbon Solutions, we are proud to guide ourselves by these principles. They ensure that our entire company is devoted to serving your compliance needs with a reliable and cost effective solution.


  • “Value yourself, others, the community and the environment”
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Continuous Improvement

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Customer Focus

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