Adcon Telemetry - OTT Hydromet

Adcon Telemetry Gmbh in its present form was established in October 2003. Its Headquarters are located in Klosterneuburg near Vienna, the capital of Austria. This is where the R&D Team of Adcon designs and develops digital radios for data transfer, based on UHF and GSM/GPRS technology. In the steadily growing market of wireless telemetry solutions our mission is simple: we want to be the best! We have already achieved an excellent position with our turn-key solutions for environmental monitoring, agriculture, hydrometrics, drinking and waste water companies. They all need data, 24/7, and they need it fast, reliably and affordably.

Company details

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Monitoring and Testing - Meteorological Monitoring
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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In 2005 Adcon International Inc. in Davis, California, was set up, converting the former support office into a legal entity to better serve the needs of our US, Canadian and Latin American customers.

Apart from that we have sales offices in France and Italy. In April of 2006 a new office was opened in Adelaide, Australia.

In April 2011 the Adcon Telemetry Group was purchased in its entirety by the OTT Hydromet Group, based in Kempten, Germany. This has largely improved our standing in the market, as being part of a USD 14 Billion turnover holding organisation (Danaher Holding) does put a bit more 'uumpff' behind our efforts! And its also good to see that now Adcon radios are the telemetry solution of choice for all members of the OTT group: Ott, Hydrolab, Hach, McCrometer.

Adcon Telemetry focuses on telemetry solutions, based on its own ultra low-power radio technology and GSM/GPRS modems, both being integrated into our own range of loggers. What makes the Adcon solution unique is a range of unrivaled product features:

  • unsurpassed user friendliness of its whole product line
  • extremely low power consumption, using the smallest solar panels in the industry.
  • extremely high receiver sensitivity, resulting in very high transmission distances,
  • the networking capability of each long-range station, which can at the same time function as relay for others,
  • the integration of all of these devices into one Telemetry Gateway, that can manage all of them,
  • a powerful SCADA software, collecting, distributing, storing, processing and visualizing all of this data.

With all these features in place Adcon has gained a very strong position in many countries, being the market leader particularly in agricultural applications.

We are proud to say that we operate a highly profitable company, which managed to show profit as of its first year of operation, and has significantly increased both turnover and profit ever since.

Why is Adcon Software superior?

There are many SCADA packages out there. Some are great for weather data, some offer fantastic management capabilities for huge numbers of data points, some are great for data providers, and some allow easy access through the internet. But just which one does it all? addVANTAGE Professional !

What makes Adcon Hardware so unique?

  • Extremely sensitive radio receivers
  • Extremely energy efficient devices
  • Networkability of all Adcon RTU's with each other
  • Extremely compact & tough yet affordable construction

Unusually high transmission distances

Due to the extraordinary sensitivity of their radio receivers Adcon RTU's can transmit over much larger distances than comparable devices using the same output power. That leaves the choice of site up to you and saves repeaters you might need with others.

Extremely low power consumption

An Adcon RTU needs hardly any power, and can thus be operated for a much longer time with a much smaller battery pack than others. To charge these batteries a solar panel barely larger than a postcard is sufficient - by far the smallest panels around! A great feature for environmental monitoring, when the next wall outlet is hours away. Let the clouds come, an Adcon doesn't run out of juice!

Adcon RTU's talk to each other to form networks

To make long distance even longer Adcon RTU's talk to each other. Each Adcon long range measuring station is ready to operate simultaneously as a relay station for other Adcon RTU's. That makes dedicated relay stations (almost) obsolete - somehow you'll always get that data package back to base!

Extremely compact & tough yet affordable construction

From the very beginning integration was our target. Logger, radio and battery pack in one single, small and robust enclosure. Connect radio to logger? Setup logger for data transmission? Wire the battery properly to logger and radio and solar panel? Forget it! Plug in your sensor and your solar panel, mount the RTU to the pole set - ready to go! All the configuration work you can do at home from your A850 Telemetry Gateway.

Choose from UHF radio with 10 or  500mW, GSM & GPRS

Most countries on planet earth provide some frequencies for telemetry, telecommand and telecontrol in the range between 430 and 470MHz. Narrow band transmission with output powers between 10 and 500mW is either free or available against a little fee.

Adcon's RTU's use that frequency range and output powers of 10 to 500mW. A range of GSM / GPRS devices is also available, and can seamlessly be integrated to work with the same base stations and software. Integrated quad-band GSM modules make these RTU's compatible with all four GSM frequencies used in the world today.