Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd.

Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd.

We specialise in manufacturing, low/high capacity incinerators for medical and animal waste. All our machines are type approved and comply with all current EU legislations. The Addfield range of incinerators are extremely robust and thermally efficient. We have a range of machines to fit the right application, Medical, hospital, agriculture, marine, pet cremation, human cremation and general waste. Originally designed and manufactured by Mr Richard Sherratt of RES Agriparts in Shropshire, early in 2007 the Company was acquired by Steve Lloyd of Addfield Environmental Systems Limited. Over the last few years the Company has gone from strength to strength with an increase in sales of 300%. Since acquiring the Addfield incinerators business, Addfield Environmental have re-designed the incinerators lining configuration using state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamics then incorporating the most thermally efficient refractory insulation materials.

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Unit 9, Zone 4, Burntwood Business Park , Staffordshire , WS73XD United Kingdom
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Waste Management
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Technology Innovators, thought leaders and design collaborators. We are Addfield.
Addfield are worldwide industry leaders in the design and manufacturing of animal, medical, aquaculture, mobile and bespoke incinerators.

The original Addfield Incinerator/Cremator was both designed and built by Mr. Richard Sherratt from Shrewsbury in 1984. Richard ran a successful parts company for agriculture machinery but could see a need for the control of animal waste on farms. Richards’s values of building reliable & robust equipment enabled him to manufacture well over 250 machines over the next 23 years. By the spring of 2007, the Addfield Company was acquired by Steven Lloyd and rebranded as the now Addfield Environmental Systems Limited.

  • All incineration machines are manufactured on site at our UK manufacturing facility.

Addfield is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of robust, reliable and efficient thermal treatment systems.

Addfield is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of robust, reliable and efficient thermal treatment systems. We design and build the best solutions to safely destroy solid waste through incineration. The Addfield brand has been established for over 35 years operating in its current capacity for the last 10. Our core principals are centered around delivering solutions that are built to last and fit for purpose. Our oldest machine still in operation is reaching its 25th year.

Addfield began in the 1980s by Richard Sherratt as a part of RS Agriparts, our original machines were primarily supplied to the agricultural industry. Designed to securely dispose of fallen stock during a major outbreak of foot and mouth disease causing a crisis in the sheep farming industry. Building a reputation forhigh-qualityy agricultural waste incinerators throughout the 90’s and 00’s maintaining a stable output, becoming a trusted brand.

In 2008 current Managing Director, Steve Lloyd saw the potential for the brand and qualities it encapsulated. The original machine had become known as ‘The Addfield’ due to its construction, being ‘built like a tank’ with thick gauge steel, recognised as a leading factor in the long-term reliability of the machine. Additionally, impressive was the efficiency of the design even at that stage compared to other manufacturers. Having built his career in the refractory engineering industry, he knew he could take Addfield to the next step. Once he took over, the transformation began. Originally employing just 3 people in 2008 selling only in the UK, through to a business that now employs more than 50 people, with agents internationally supplying over 100 countries.

Although management has changed, core principals have remained. Every machine traces its roots back to the first ‘Addfield’ machine, constructed to be strong and reliable, economical and environmentally sustainable.

Branching from agriculture to providing solutions to every waste stream including medical, pet, general, aquacultural, municipal and bespoke. In 2016 Addfield brought the company Techtrol into the organisation gaining the expertise to expand into higher capacity incineration.

The modern Addfield incinerator has come a long way since the first machine was built, now constructed with high-grade specialist insulation materials commonly used within PowerStations. Alongside expert computer aided design and modelling, delivering machines that consistently outperform any other incinerator available by over 40%.

Unlike some manufacturer,s we are not content to simply provide a basic solution, avoiding the one size fits all approach to the safe destruction of waste. Truly understanding the difference that the composition of waste and the impact their unique properties has on the environment and community and adjusting our machines accordingly. Investing time and resources into research and development ensuring we minimise the impact that waste has on the world, today and for future generations.

Having specific ranges covering, medical, agricultural, aquacultural, municipal and other specialist waste streams. Some may look similar on the outside, howeve,r it is in the optimisation that we are able to guarantee the safest approach to waste management. Ranging from compact 100kg capacity machines for small farms and medical facilities through to large scale multi ton capacity installations. We are one of the only providers of thermal treatment globally that are able to provide such an effective range of solutions.

A valued team of thought leaders and designers.

Meet the Addfield Team.
Our greatest assets are the people we employ, all of our machines are individually handcrafted. We use over twice the number of man hours to create our machines than our competitors, make an appointment and come see our skilled workforce at work.

The skill base within Addfield is unrivalled by our competitors with directly employed time served refractory masons, gas service engineers, coded welders, steel fabricators and electricians. Our commitment to continual investment in our people ensures a sustainable workforce and a stronger future business.

Simply build them better and give great customer service

The Addfield values have remained unchanged for over 30 years. The founder of the Addfield Incinerator, Richard Sherratt once said that we “simply build them better and give great customer service”.

This comment has laid the cornerstone of our company’s core values. Addfield will always build a machine fit for purpose rather than for a price point. Our brand and focus on quality is worth more to us than any easily and quickly earned money to be made.

Due to our unique designs, all of the Addfield ranges of machines are individually handcrafted using time served master craftsmen. No other supplier can offer this level of quality and dedication to their products. We make quality products that give excellent payback on investment. Our incinerators and cremators are the most robust and thermally efficient in the industry.

Our greatest assets are the people we employ. As our machines are individually handcrafted, we use over twice the number of labour hours to create our machines than our competitors.

Trusted equipment

Being the UK’s leading manufacturer of quality equipment for over 30 years proves that the Addfield range of machines are reliable and have the durability to stand the test of time.

Our equipment has become the leading equipment to solve all waste solutions. Where most of our competitors machines last 2-5 years, the very first Addfield machine was built over 30 years ago and is still in operation.

Cutting edge design

Unlike its competitors, Addfield insist on specific machines for specific applications, we do not believe one machine fits all applications. You will note from our range that we have different designs for different industries.

The Addfield machines are unique in their own right as we utilise Computational Fluid Dynamics software to design our incinerators, this software helps us predict gas flows, cold spots, burn rates and ensures fuel efficient solutions. It is the same software used to design Formula 1 cars, Petrochemical Refineries and many more high tech industries.

Craftsmanship at work

Our unique designs are handcrafted by our highly skilled workforce. Traditional methods of construction are used by time served masons to create our robustly built and thermally efficient machines. Utilising these traditional methods and skills ensures the buyer a realistic return on their investment. But don’t just take our word for it! Come and visit us to see our craftsmen at work.

Maximum energy efficiency

When compared to other designs, the Addfield machines ARE not only the most robust but also the most thermally efficient on the market, ensuring maximum energy efficiency throughout the burn process.

Our multi-layered refractory lining systems have been specifically developed to not only ensure the maximum and efficient use of fuel during the burn process, but also for the longevity of the lining systems and ongoing ease of maintenance.

Clean burning for reduced emissions

Unlike some of our competitors ALL of machines have secondary combustion chambers that comply with EU legislation for achieving either 850c with a residence time of two seconds or alternatively 1100c with a residence time of 0.5 seconds. Working to European standards reduces emissions and ensures a complete clean burn every time. All of the Addfield range of machines DEFRA/ Environment Agency approval and comply with the EU Animal By-Products Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009.


The Addfield EcoCycle™ trademark is an accumulation of energy efficient technologies developed by Addfield. This knowledge allows us to create some of the most fuel efficient, and eco-friendly machines on the market today, what’s included in the EcoCycle technology.

We use Computational Fluid Dynamics Software (CFD)

Our unique designs are handcrafted by our highly skilled workforce. Traditional methods of construction are used by time served masons to create our robustly built and thermally efficient machines. Utilising these traditional methods and skills ensures the buyer a realistic return on their investment. Come and visit us, to see what we have to offer.

Making the heat work for you

Making the heat work for you – Our 200mm of multi-layered refractory lining is designed specifically to retain the energy created during the heating process and restrict the amount energy lost through the walls. Using the most up to date refractories and undertaking in-depth thermal calculations ensures the lining systems we install are completely thermally efficient.

Why do we use Bricks instead of Concrete?

This is a question that we are asked continuously, there are many reasons for this. We do use castables in some of our more geometrically intricate designs; however, our focus is to utilize bricks over castables at every opportunity.

One of the main things to remember is that there are many potential problems with cast linings as they are mainly mixed and installed in situ. All of the following items or even just one can result in catastrophic failure of the cast lining system. Anchorage, too much water during mixing, over vibration, no vibration, over mixing, poor formwork leading to water loss. Whereas refractory bricks are hydraulically pressed together in a 30,000MT press and fired to 1600c making them a true ceramic which needs no further dry out or thermal treatment as they are good to use immediately. With cast linings, labour is generally inexperienced whereas in brick linings time served refractory masons are used for the installation.

Key things to look for in a refractory lining are as follows: porosity (the lower the better) brick have a porosity of 14% cast refractory can be over 26%, thermal shock resistance, stability under temperature load, ease of maintenance. We are the only UK manufacturer that use brick for most of their lining systems and have done so for over 30 years, our lining systems have stood the test of time.

Aid a clean burn process. Our burners turn off once the machine is up to temperature saving fuel and giving a cleaner burn process. The burners continuously inject secondary combustion air into the chambers to utilize the calorific value of the load. With our lining systems being so thermally efficient means that the burners are not needed to continuously inject fuel into the machine thus reducing fuel costs.

Addfield is the only UK manufacturer that makes 100% of its machines in-house and does not rely on third party contracted out services.

Quality is key in every way for Addfield, starting with the consultation, manufacturing, supply and servicing. To ensure we offer the best service delivery to all our valued customers we work with trusted competent distributors to ensure language or time is no barrier.

Addfield continue to welcome valued partners around the world if you have what it takes to become part a growing company that is leading from the front with innovative solutions then look no further,

We are  Addfield, Simply Built Better.

The EcoCycle badge is an accumulation of energy efficient technologies developed by Addfield, which allows us to create some of the most fuel efficient and eco friendly incinerator and cremator machines on the market today.

The technology incorporates:

  • 180mm-221mm of refractory wall thickness that retains the incinerator heat inside the machine and ensures that it heats efficiently.
  • 3 layers of refractory, Twin brick lined refractories whereby hot face bricks radiate heat back into the chamber and insulation bricks behind prevent heat from escaping finally with a thermal board against the steel casing protecting the steel.
  • Pulse firing burners that turn off once the machine is up to temperature, to save fuel and to aid a clean burn process.
  • Intelligent PLC controllers automatically managing the burn cycle processes
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics is a computing modelling process that ensures the incinerators and cremators make the best use of the heat generated by mapping thermal energy inside the machine. This allows hot and cold spots to be designed out. The machine can be stress tested, whilst we are also able to confirm the 100% destruction of waste.

Fact: This technology has been PROVEN to save up to 40% of fuel compared to competitor’s machines (tests carried out independently by our customers).

It is with our technological expertise, combined with our unique building method that ensures Addfield are building the most efficient, robust and reliable machines.