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  • High Capacity Incinerators

    Addfield produce a number of high capacity incineration systems with a range of burn rates from 150-1200kg/hr. We have considerable experience in high capacity incineration spanning many varied industries around the world. Addfield high capacity incineration systems offer automatic options for loading, de-ashing, filtration and monitoring.

  • Addfield - Model GM2000/HB - Medical Waste Incinerator (2000Kg)

    Addfield - Model GM2000/HB - Medical Waste Incinerator (2000Kg)

    The Addfield GM2000 medical waste incinerator is perfect for incineration of general medical, clinical and pathological waste. Such waste includes surgical dressings, bed linen, mattresses etc, and other high volume category 0-2 medical waste. Its top loading design and 50kg/hr burn rate promises a clean, fast, easy and efficient burn each time. With a 2000kg loading capacity, it is a powerful machine, and it one of the larger machines in our general...