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  • Filtration

    At Addfield we can provide a wide range of filtration systems suitable for various types of waste incineration systems. Typically only required on ‘high capacity’ incineration plants but also installed onto smaller systems the Addfield Pollution Control Systems are capable of dealing with a range of emission parameters. It is important to understand that any filtration system is only as good as the knowledge used to design and build it. One solution will not fit all plants so ser

  • Ceramic Off-Gas Filtration System with Acid Gas Scrubber

    Ceramic Off-Gas Filtration System with Acid Gas Scrubber

    The ceramic filter consists of a series of pollution control systems for specifically dealing with the off gas from an incinerator. Typically installed on a high capacity incinerator plant this pollution control system will capture all the gases, soot and entrained solids emitted to meet the European regulations, which are set out in directive 2000/76/EC. Such a filtration system typically has a high removal rate of 97% for particulates.

  • Venturi Scrubber Incineration Exhaust Filtration System

    Venturi Scrubber Incineration Exhaust Filtration System

    The Addfield wet scrubber system is primarily designed as particle suppressant system, ideally suited to high capacity incineration machines. Heavy particulates are removed from the exhaust gas using water injected from the roof of the scrubber system. This bolt on system can be added to any incineration machine in the Addfield range and is scaled according to the specific application. Constructed from a stainless steel the vessel encapsulates...

  • Addfield - Acid Gas Scrubber System

    Addfield - Acid Gas Scrubber System

    Lime usage within incineration flue gas treatment is a proven technology. Acid gasses such as hydrogen chloride, (HCL), Sulphur dioxide (S02) and Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) can be treated with the Addfield Acid Gas Scrubber. These chemical compounds are commonly found in large numbers within the chemical and industrial industries and in smaller quantities in some chlorinated plastics such as PVC among other waste types.

  • Powdered Activated Carbon

    Powdered Activated Carbon

    Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) injection is widely used method to control heavy metals and dioxins emissions. The porous structure of carbon makes it an ideal solution for absorption and it can be injected directly into the flue gas stream or laid in beds for the flue gas to pass through. The injection temperatures, feed rate, material porosity and subsequent capture method determine the success rate of the material.

  • De-Nox Kits - Incineration Filtration Systems

    De-Nox Kits - Incineration Filtration Systems

    The Addfield De-NOx systems involves the use of Urea – a common, widely available harmless fertiliser to neutralise nitrogen oxides (NOx) formation. NOx is widely problematic in coal plants and diesel vehicles and similarly more commonly found in high capacity diesel incineration plants.

  • Cyclone Scrubber Solutions

    Cyclone Scrubber Solutions

    Cyclone scrubbers can be used as part of an incineration system as a dust particle removal system. A cyclone scrubber must be specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the waste stream and the off gas produced to ensure optimum operation. A cyclone functions through a process called vortex separation, when the rotational effects and gravity are used to separate mixtures of solids from a gaseous emission stream.