Advanced Aquatic Products Inc.

Advanced Aquatic Products Inc.

Advanced Aquatic Products Inc.

We offer a line of products committed to being the finest solution to prevent bilge oil pollution & petroleum contamination of the marine environment. The World`s Most Advanced Petroleum Absorbent products designed to protect ALL of our Precious Water Resources!

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1107 KEY PLAZA, #201 , Key West , Florida 33040 USA
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Industry Type:
Oil Spills
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

Product Features:

  • Removes fuel and oil from bilge water without absorbing water. Brings hydrocarbon contamination down to PPM quantities.
  • Transforms all liquid petroleum spills into a rubber-like solid for safe, clean & inexpensive handling and disposal.
  • Absorbs and permanently contains gasoline, diesel fuel, hydraulic oils, engine oils, lube oils, and other hydrocarbons.
  • Reduces volatile hydro-carbon vapors to prevent toxic air emissions and explosion hazards.
  • Helps maintain a clean bilge with reduced risk of pumping fuel and oil overboard which helps to keep our water clean.
  • EXCEEDS the most recent Federal Regulations for safe handling, transport, and landfilling of hazardous materials (40 CFR .264 & 265).
  • Available in several sizes for watercraft from small to commercial. enviroSorb Booms™ are available for spill containment & clean-up operations.
  • Will not break down when landfilled and are approved for Hazardous Material landfill dumping. They may be incinerated, creating less than 1% ash.