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  • AirShark  - Model AS - Separators and Cyclones

    AirShark - Model AS - Separators and Cyclones

    The AirShark provides a simple and effective method of separating waste paper, plastic films, trimmings and other light fraction materials typically handled in air conveyance systems. The fully sealed rotor provides a positive seal at the material discharge to maintain a clean environment in your facility. This versatile unit can operate under positive or negative pressure, which allows material to be conveyed without contacting the air...

  • Custom Electrical Controls System

    Custom Electrical Controls System

    AES offers custom Motor Control Centers (MCC’s) for the automation of materials recovery systems. AES uses the latest technology to direct and monitor the material recovery process and to interface with upstream and downstream control systems as part of a fully integrated manufacturing control process. We offer the following turnkey services to help you get the most from your material recovery system:

  • Dust Collection Systems

    Dust Collection Systems

    Combustible dusts are one of the biggest safety risks for companies that manufacture or convert paper, handle grains, powders, and many other materials. Static electricity, friction and sparks in the production environment are all potential ignition sources for dust and can result in a deadly explosion and fire.  That is why dust collection systems like those offered by AESales are a smart investment for companies whose operations expose them to...

  • Flame and Spark Detection / Fire Suppression

    Flame and Spark Detection / Fire Suppression

    Picture this: A spark gets introduced into your ductwork and travels to the separator or dust collector causing a fire or explosion. The consequences could be devastating… But there are solutions to prevent this very real scenario from happening. AES can recommend and install several types of products that mitigate the risk of fire and explosion in your pneumatic conveying system. These specialized control systems are a proactive measure to...

  • Fresh Air Intake Systems

    Fresh Air Intake Systems

    Enhance the performance of your air conveyance system with the efficient, economical AES Fresh Air Intake System. Traditional air conveying systems rob your plant of conditioned air, increasing your heating and cooling costs. Additionally, this can create a negative pressure effect inside the building, making doors difficult to open. Our Fresh Air Intake System uses OUTSIDE air to convey scrap and trim, so there is NO loss of conditioned air. The...

  • Recycling and Sorting Equipment and Systems

    Recycling and Sorting Equipment and Systems

    AES designs fully integrated recycling and sorting systems that automate the separation and processing of recyclable materials for increased revenue and operational efficiency. We are proud to offer truly innovative ideas and solutions that can give your company a competitive edge in your marketplace. Our purpose-built Recycling and Sorting Systems include: