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  • Recyclable Materials

  • ARS - Metal Cans Sorting Equipment

    ARS - Metal Cans Sorting Equipment

    Advanced Recycling Systems' range of Can Sorting Equipment with Eddy Current Separation or Magnetic Sorting is supplied and installed to suit your particular requirements.

  • ARS - Model KS450 & KS550 - Can Sorter Module

    ARS - Model KS450 & KS550 - Can Sorter Module

    British design & build. Long life. Low maintenance. Easy to operate. Swivel wheels for ease of manoeuvrability (Optional). Large hopper. Dual magnetic heads. Discharge chutes. Two conveyor belts. Customised Build available.

  • ARS - Paper Shredders

    ARS - Paper Shredders

    Dimensions 2.0m (w) x 2.55m (l) x 1.5m (h) . Weight Shipping 3550kg . Standard Voltage 380/415 volts 3 phase 50hz . Production Rate Dependent upon labour used, operator skills and efficiency and quality of raw material. Up to 35 no. x 25kg bales/hour (with two operators) . Up to 20 no. x 25kg bales/hour (with one operator)

  • ARS - Plastic and Metal Drums

    ARS - Plastic and Metal Drums

    Handle large, used Drums with safety and ease with one of our reliable, low maintenance Drum Crushers, Suitable for both metal and plastic, our fully automated range features robust, simple and safe designs.

  • ARS - Plastic Bottle Piercers

    ARS - Plastic Bottle Piercers

    We have a range of Static and Mobile Solutions to process Plastic Bottles and materials. Advanced Recycling Systems' Plastic Bottle Baling Equipment can be supplied with fully integrated Plastic Bottle Piercers providing efficient material puncture with excellent bale density and integrity. Added resistance to damage during handling and transportation ensures minimal loss of materials. They have a small footprint and our tried and tested...

  • Kerby - Kerbside Recycling Vehicle

  • Kerby - Kerbside Recycling Vehicle

    Kerby - Kerbside Recycling Vehicle

    Kerby is our unique solution for the future of Kerbside Recycling Equipment.Kerby’s brilliant design allows Cans to be Sorted and Baled into biscuits of Aluminium and Steel during your collection round! Plastic Bottles are pierced, flattened and transferred to a separate transportation chamber. Receptacles are provided to flatten and store Cardboard and...