Advanced Renewable Energy Systems, LLC

Advanced Renewable Energy Systems, LLC

ARE Systems, LLC is an architectural engineering and joint venture firm offering professional services for the design and installation of light industrial facilities and business campuses powered by emissions-free, 24-hour renewable energy systems. ARE Systems` designs are suited for hospitals, office buildings, residential buildings and ships (cruise, cargo and naval). Other focus areas include pollution control, e.g. dairies and other animal feeding operations. ARE Systems` technology specialties include steam / CO2 reforming waste-to-energy systems (patented) and solar regenerative fuel cell systems (patent pending). Our parent company is Equitech International, LLC, the advanced renewable energy systems company. ARE Systems facilities have stand-alone power plants that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, microgrids that meet the needs of the user and can provide surplus power to the electrical grid. ARE Systems` buildings have valuable co-products.

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Service provider
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Energy - Renewable Energy
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EI, LLC (as technology licensor) with ARE Systems, LLC (licensee) is an advanced renewable energy systems (ARES) company providing master architectural / engineering design and systems packaging support to joint venture partners with local professionals and contractors to implement projects.   ARE Systems provides guide specifications, process design for its ARES equipment, telecommunications, construction management, and ARES component assembly for export.
We concur with Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain  Institute,, and Paul Hawken (Wiser Series), but our direction comes from our members who are “Buckyphiles”, design science architects, NASA scientists / chemical engineers, and executives of their own sister companies coming together to focus on advanced renewable energy. We believe that traditional thinking, assuming centralization of power production and costly infrastructures and transportation, doesn’t work in the required RE economics. We believe in DECENTRALIZATION / decentralized distributive power - with a high coefficient of efficient conversion of energy devices well above current applications, at about 30% level; 75% minimum required.

EI’s (ARE Systems) technology solves this problem plus the elimination of massive infrastructure costs and transportation.  DEMOCRATIZATION of ENERGY arrives with just using the sun and biomass / waste which is abundantly accessible around the world for ARE Systems' sustainable stand-alone small ARES systems.  They not only create premium power, but also valuable life support products as well, while cleaning up the environment. Coal, we believe, has a bright future as carbon thermal composite structures for building.

EI (ARE Systems) holds numerous building patents as well as a marine patent for shipping that facilitates harvesting biomass from the sea as fuel for onboard fuel cells to deliver multiple products to destination sea ports. 

Our research includes work based on the theories of Dr George A. Olah, et al. Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1992. This work envisions what he has trademarked “The Methanol Economy”.  His 2006 seminal book he describes the utilization of carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrocarbons stored in the atmosphere that, when combined with biomass and highly efficient conversion devices, will create fuels for fuel cells. It is essentially a high utilization of abundantly available biomass / waste.  Members of EI have already proven the methanol water-to-hydrogen as fuel for advanced vehicle fuel cells when they worked as partners at Georgetown University.

The “Liberation” afforded advanced planning, design, and construction by ARE System’s stand-alone, self-sufficient, sustainable ARES technologies is the basis of the ARES concepts.  ARE System’s products are fueled only by the sun and solid / complex waste suited to life support products, energy + water + food, for the hydrogen age.

Detailed preliminary designs have been made for:

  • E-Macrosystem advanced renewable energy system (E-M ARES) comprised of a 9.15 MW ARES power plant and production center that can support 6 additional  E-M solar facilities (E-MS ARES) in a 50-acre industrial park
  • E-Microsystem (E-Mi ARES) apartment complex, self-sufficient with 50 solar garden units
  • E-Mi sustainable town of 25,000
  • E-Mi 42-bed hospital
  • E-Mi elder care / child care clinic
  • E-Mi international peace center
  • E-M + E-Mi large self-supporting sustainable prisons as an industrial park

The Chairman for Equitech International, LLC (EI) & ARE Systems, LLC is Leslie Dean Price.  He is an Architect AIA AUA Emeritus with more than 50 years licensed professional experience.  He has produced over 100 projects as Architect of Record in the facility types of: education (elementary, high schools), churches, hospitals, medical offices and related facilities, institutions, commercial (including veterinary, shopping centers, etc.).  Mr. Price served Georgetown University as the first University Architect. While there he combined his new technical aerospace experience with his architectural and developed a renewable self-sufficient, fuel cell-based Master Energy Plan integrated into the University's Bicentennial Facilities Master Plan (1990). Mr. Price was principal investigator and creator for Georgetown’s first academic building 300kW solar; the first 10MW clean coal atmospheric fluidized bed project; the first liquid-fueled fuel cell heavy duty bus (30 ft.), and provided the basis for the on-going Advanced Vehicle Dept. with its 40 ft. fuel cell bus program.  Mr. Price managed the University's program for the Solar Regenerative Fuel Cell (SRFC) Proof-of-Concept at Edwards AFB, CA, with NASA / JPL.