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  • ASM - Board Edger Systems

    ASM - Board Edger Systems

    ASM manufactures edgers and edger feed systems to fit a wide range of needs and budgets. We feature both manual and optimized feed systems. Our optimized system can feed multi saw board edgers or our two saw board edger. Our optimized feed table quickly and accurately skews and loads the board based on the computerized solution. Our manual feed system sets the saws based on laser line guided saw positioning. Both manual and optimized systems feature...

  • ASM - Sharp Chain Systems

    ASM - Sharp Chain Systems

    The most expensive and sophisticated scanning an optimizing equipment is useless if you cannot hold the log steady through the manufacturing process. There is no more stable and efficient platform for scanning and processing timber than an ASM Sharp Chan System. Accurate lumber is valuable lumber, pure and simple. ASM has invested over a million dollars in precision CNC manufacturing equipment so that we can produce the most accurate and consistent...